Rubik 2x2x2 Bandaged

Made by J. A. Storer from a standard Rubik 2x2x2 cube, 2007.
(two brass plates glued to a Meffert's Eastsheen Rubik 2x2x2 cube, 2 inches)

This is a relatively easy puzzle that can usually be solved without too much effort by playing a bit. However, it can get more mixed up than is first apparent. An organized way of solving is to combine repositioning of the bandaged portion with transformations for the standard Rubik's 2x2x2 cube that only use R and D rotations, such as these which are shown on Jaap's Page.

Notation: R (right) and D (down) for 90 degree clockwise rotations of the corresponding faces, - to do counterclockwise instead of clockwise, and 2 to do it twice; corners are denoted with three letters (e.g., FLD- = counterclockwise rotation of the front, left, down corner).
FLD-, BRD+: R2 D- R D2 R- D2 R D- R2 D

FRD-, BRD-, BLD-: R- D- R D- R- D2 R D2

FRD+, BRD+, BLD+: D2 R- D2 R D R- D R

FRD-, BRD+, BLD-, FLD+: R2 D2 R D2 R2 D

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