Rubik2x3x3 Layered

Made in China, purchased 2010.
(plastic, 1.5 inches high by 2.5 inches diameter)

A smaller version of Rubik3x3x3 Layered and mechanically the same as Rubik2x3x3, but with each layer being a single color (and this version has been made in a circular shape).

Although any solution for Rubik's 2x3x3 could be used, the puzzle is much easier to solve. It is easy to flip the sides as needed to make the centers match the edges (i.e., each side has a cross of a single color). Then corners can be fixed with just 180 degree rotations of the front (F2) and clockwise or counter-clockwise rotations of the top (U, U-). If you want to memorize a simple transformation, this one exchanges the front top left corner with the front bottom left corner:
F2   U   F2   U-   F2
After the above transformation has been used to fix pairs of corners, such shown below on the left, a flip of the front and back sides followed by a flip of the left and right sides gives the checkerboard pattern shown below on the right.