Rubik Magic Cross Panels

Left made by V.V.V. Puzzle 1987, right made by CN Studio and purchased 2007.
(plastic, twelve 2" panels)

Twelve panels, held by wire loops (length and confoguration differs from Master Magic), can be folded and manipulated. To change the back side to a cross:

0. If necessary, use basic transformations (as for Master Magic) to restore the 2x6 solution. For the black version, turn puzzle over (V.V.V at the top, upside-down).

1. Fold the top half down, rotate right two panels, and unfold:

Note: For the black puzzle, you instead roll to the left, to end up with:

2. Fold each end over, fold at the middle, split each side and fold together, fold the two 2x2 sections down, and then unfold the left and right portions of the cross:

3. It is now solved on the other side (for the black, you don't need to turn it over).

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