Rubik Super Magic Panels

Upper left is the "standard version", upper right has different background color,
bottom two have 4 chess square per tile, all purchased in 2005.

(plastic, sixteen 2" panels)

This puzzle works the same as the standard Rubik's Magic Panels, and the same basic transformations can be used (star, roll, reverse, wallet stack, transformer, etc.) to make many different 2D and 3D shapes. Jaap's Page shows how to solve the back to a big W shape with five balls on it. It can easily be made into 4x4 panels; for the chess versions that have 4 chess squares per panel, it can be a fun challenge to rearrange the 2x8 shape, and then see what chess position results on the (front or back) of the 4x4 shape.

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Rubik's Super Magic 4x4 Transformation