Rubik Magic Panels - Create The Cube

Same mechanism as the standard Rubik's magic panels.
(plastic, eight 2" panels)

This puzzle works the same as the standard Rubik's Magic, and the same transformations can be used (star, roll, reverse, wallet stack, transformer, etc.). On the top side (shown above) all panels the same green, red, blue, yellow clockwise pattern. On the bottom side, all panels have the same 4 colors, but not all in the same order.
The goal is to make a cube sitting on a 2 panel base; this can be done with the standard Rubik's magic as well, but here the graphics allow for two nice looking solutions with matching colors at the corners. The "horizontal" solution shown above has the text horizontally on the side and the "vertical" solution used to illustrate the solution steps on the next page has the text going vertically on the side.

Further reading:
Jaap's Page, from:

A Solution For Rubik's Magic Create The Cube
We illustrate one of the solutions presented on Jaap's Page that makes use of a box and lid construction in the flavor of Ooms method for the standard Rubik's Magic solution.

0. With the bottom side facing up, manipulate the puzzle using the standard transformations to have the arrangement on the left (which leads to the horizontal solution) or the arrangement on the right which leads to the vertical solution (which we use for the illustrations below). One can go between these two arrangements with a standard right roll transform.

1. Flip the left two panels up an over, fold lengthwise, arrange into a box, fold the extra two panels on the right up and down into the box so now they are in the inside of the right:

2. Rearrange to three long with a stack of 4 on the right, fold the back right panel left to the middle, and fold up the front three:

3. Hold the left two panels with your left hand (don't let go until this step is completed), pull up the middle pair of panels up with your right hand to make a box, flex the left two panels to fold together towards you and use your right hand to guide the formation of the box, then unfold the two panels still in your left hand to make the base for the cube: