Rubik's Tangle 3x3

a.k.a. Rubik's Mini Tangle
Circa 1990, this one by J. A. Storer 2007 from a Rubik's Tangle 5x5.
(nine 2" cardboard squares in a 2.75 by 4 by 3/4 inch plastic box)

Arrange 9 squares in a 3x3 array so that edges match. Each square has the same pattern of 4 tangled ropes that has two connections on each edge. Different squares have a different combination of the four colors (red, green, blue, and yellow).

Jaap's Page indicates that this puzzle may have been produced as a give-away to promote the Rubik's Tangle 5x5 puzzle. The puzzle pictured here was made by using squares from a Rubik's Tangle 5x5. It's solution is the upper left 3x3 portion of the first solution to Version 1:

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