RunAway II

Designed by Minoru Abe, purchased 2013.
(cardboard box 4.3" x 5" x 7/8", wood tray, 7 wood pieces and wood keeper;
from the same designer as the RunAway puzzle)

All pieces are square except the large star is 4/3 wider than the others. The tray is arranged in three rows, where the top and bottom rows are each 4 units wide, but the top row is shifted 1/3 unit left with respect to the bottom row. The middle row has a one unit area, shifted 1 unit from the left edge of the top row, and a 4/3 unit area shifted 1/3 unit from the right of the top row (leaving 1/3 unit between the two areas).

Solution To RunAway II
The directions give 5 problems that have rectilinear solutions of 92, 73, 96, 38, 100, moves respectively. Here are the first, every 10th, and last position of a 92 rectilinear (111 straight-line) moves solution to problem 1: