Russian Revolver

a.k.a. Russian UFO, Soviet UFO, Russian Flower, Festival Flower
Made in the Soviet Union circa 1980's
(plastic, 1.6 inch diameter disc, 2 inches across, 1+1/8 inches thick)

There are a total of 18 balls, 6 of each color. The discs on the top and bottom each hold 6 balls and rotate independently, there are six hidden positions in the middle layer and two extra holes on the side (a total of 20 holes). The puzzle can be manipulated to make different patterns, including one color hidden and the other two on each side.

Here is the green body version (shown above on the right) in its original packaging and the directions that came with it:

Festival Flower

Made in the Soviet Union, 1985.
(plastic, 3" diameter by 1+1/8" thick, center is 1+5/8" diameter)

Same puzzle as the Russian Revolver of the previous page. Festival flower is the emblem of the World Festival of Youth and Students, and the puzzle was released in 1985 to the XII festival, which took place in Moscow. Here is the reverse side from the photo above:

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