Simultaneous Maze

Designed by William Hu, made by Eric Fuller 2014.
(Maple, Jatoba, Acrylic, 3+3/8" x 4" x 1+1/8";
the body is 5/8" thick and the square come out of both sides by 1/4")

Here is what the maker says about the puzzle:
"Even though I knew it would be a difficult project, I couldn't resist making this puzzle. It's a very unique concept and execution. The acrylic maze piece must be removed, and the three key pieces are simultaneously manipulated to achieve the goal. Very tricky and very interesting looking, this puzzle begs to be solved. Construction was tricky...the solid side spine and endgrain key pieces were fun to make, but very labor intensive. Fit is excellent; should not have any issues with humidity. 42 made for sale, each signed and dated." With the humidity ok, one can hold the puzzle vertically and manipulate the squares to cause the plastic maze to fall down and eventually out. The idea and construction are very nice but solving is a painstaking process where the positioning of the pieces must be absolutely precise with respect to portions of the plastic maze that you cannot see. So I have not attempted to do it ..."
Much of the plastic maze is hidden at any time, and things have to be lined up exactly to move; here is a photo of the maze starting to come out: