Skewb Ultimate

a.k.a. Pyraminx Ball
Purchsed from Mefert's 2008.
(plastic, 3 inches between opposite faces)

There are twelve faces and six colors (red, blue, green, orange, yellow, and pink). When solved, each pair of opposite faces is the same color. Like the Skewb Diamond, rotation is not about the points, rather it is along each of the four planes that cuts the puzzle in half, and this puzzle is a variation of the Skewb. However, Jaap's Page explains that this puzzle is harder because orientation of the components of a face matters, and presents a solution. Mefferts also made this puzzle in a 12 color version (yellow opposite white, light green opposite dark green, pink opposite purple, orange opposite light purple, gold opposite red, light blue opposite dark blue); here are views of the front and back:

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