Tantrix Extreme

Tantrix Games 1991.
(mesh bag and 10 plastic hexagonal pieces, 1.8 inches point to point)

Like Tantrix Discovery, ten hexagonal tiles (numbered 1 through 10 on the backs) can be arranged in patterns, the highest level challenge being to make a loop of a given color (and matching edges of all adjacent tiles) or to make a pyramid with a continuous line through it. Four colors are used (as compared to three with Tantrix Discovery). Here are solutions presented on Jaap's Page for blue and red loops, a blue pyramid, and three red pyramids (the color white here is yellow there):

Further reading:
Jaap's Page, from: http://www.jaapsch.net/puzzles/tantrix.htm
Tantrix Home Page, from: http://www.tantrix.com

Tantrix Extreme Directions