TeeZ / Brain Buster

TeeZ by K-T games, Sayville, L.I. N.Y., copyright 1954;
Brainbuster by International Games of Canada Ltd.

(both plastic, 5 blue and 5 red pegs on a 2 by 6 inch board;
TeeZ from the house of J.A. Storer's parents))

A larger version of the Eight Peg puzzle. The red and blue pegs must be exchanged by only moving blue right by one or hopping one and red left by one or hopping one. Here are the TeeZ puzzle and directions from the back of its box:

Like the Eight Peg puzzle, except for the left and right ends, two adjacent of the same color leaves you stuck. So at any point, you have only one choice that does not quickly create this situation. This leads to a solution of 35 moves, with increasing sequences of alternating colors followed by decreasing sequences, that can be viewed as working in 10 phases (delete phases 5 and 6 and you have the solution to the Eight Peg Puzzle):