Patented by G. Yokoi 1983.
(plastic, 3.5 inch diameter with arm, 3/4" thick,
with box 4.4 inches square by 1.2 inches high)

The puzzle comes in a plastic box as shown below; the Yoki patent also describes the Ten Billion Barrel puzzle. Seventeen pieces (one white and four each of orange, green, blue, and yellow) are arrange in a cross (a center piece and four pieces on each arm). A center disc can rotate the center five pieces (i.e., the center piece and the first piece on each arm), a middle ring can rotate the next two pieces of each arm, and an outer ring can rotate the outside pieces of each arm. In addition, a plunger can be temporarily pushed in to offset all of the pieces of a row by one unit (and while it is in, the outer ring cannot rotate). The goal is to mix up the puzzle and then solve it so that each concentric circle has the same color (with white in the center). Jaap's Page credits the puzzle invention to work at Nintendo and presents a solution.

Further Reading
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