Truncated Octahedra

Designed by Steve Smith, made and sold by Interlocking Puzzles 2004.
(sequential assembly version: Maple, 4 pieces, 3.5 inches,
simultaneous movement version: Jarrah, 4 pieces, 3.5 inches)

These two puzzles have the same size and shape, with six square faces and eight hexagon faces; they were both designed by Steve Smith of Interlocking Puzzles (Interlocking Puzzles also made a third easer puzzle of the same size and shape that was designed by Wayne Daniel). The one on the left above requires sequential assembly of the four pieces in a specific order. The one on the right requires all four pieces to move simultaneously. Here is some of what the designer said about this simultaneous movement and a photo of the puzzle coming apart:
"All four pieces must move simultaneously; there are two pairs of mirror image pieces made from Jarrah. There are 4 "solid" faces where the entire face is part of the same piece and four "multi' faces where the face has sections from three different pieces. Two of the multi faces (which are opposite each other) have a triangular shaped section, a diamond shaped section, and a trapezoid shaped section (the other two have two triangular sections and one larger non-convex section); by holding on to these two faces you can push the puzzle apart (all eight faces remain parallel as the puzzle expands)."