Designed by Vilmos Serestey and sold at the Atlanta 1996 Olympics.
(plastic, 25 rings + base, 7 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall)

Five rings of each color numbered, 1 through 5. The only two legal moves are to move 2 rings at a time or to move 3 rings at a time. The posts are only long enough to hold 7 rings. After mixing up the rings, get them back to the solved puzzle where rings of each color on their correct base, arranged in order from 1 on the bottom to 5 on top. An easier puzzle is to ignore the numbers. Another puzzle is get five colors on each post (in the same order).

A Solution: Assume we start with 5 rings on each post (if not, it is always easy to make it so). The following sequence temporarily "parks" the top ring of one post (call it A) on another post (peg B):
Using this idea, we can do the following two key transformations:
The ability to permute the rings of a post combined with the ability to exchange the top rings of any two post suffices to solve the puzzle. Of course, additional shortcuts can be devised.

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