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Knot Shaped Three Piece Burrs
Wood Knot
Cross Keys (a.k.a. Three Piece Puzzle)
Knotted Cube
Oskar's Blocks
Shaekel Knot

Standard Shaped Three Piece Burrs With A Single Trick
Segerblom Knot
Slideways Burr
Sonneveld Three Piece Burr
Triple Play

Standard Shaped Three Piece Burrs
Just The Three
Just 3
3 Piece Burr Yamaosa
Three Open Windows
GigaBurr & GigaBurr II
Cubie Burr & Cubie Burr #2

Burrs With Four Pieces
JA6PB - Just Another 6-Piece Burr

Burrs With Five Pieces
Disguised Burr
Switch Board Burr
La Taupe
Octo Burr

Standard Six Piece Burrs
Simple 6-Piece Burr
The Puzzle (a.k.a. Double Cross)
Mikado Block Puzzle
Yamato Block Puzzle
Devil's Knot
Misfit Puzzle
Coffin's Improved Burr
Bill's Baffling Burr
L5 Notchable
Computer's Choice 3-Hole
Computer's Choice 4-Hole
Eight Is Enough
Compter's Choice 5-Hole
The Piston Puzzle
Computer's Choice Unique-10
L46AA Notchable
Mega Six
Love's Dozen
139 Burr

Non-Standard Six Piece Burrs
Twelve Points To Insanity
Dragon Fly
Programmer's Nightmare
Holey Astigmatism
NOS No. 7 - Seizaine
U-Nam-It Burr
Bill's Ball Bearing Burr
Blind Burr
Brass Monkey 2
Around The Bend
Dovetail Burr
Lock Nut
Three Pieces Puzzle
Tri Again
Zig-Zag Knot
Combined Burr
Knotted Burr

Six Piece Plate Burrs
Chen's Six Board Burr
Chocolate Dip Burr
Gordian Knot
Bent Board Burr #2

Burrs With More Than Six Pieces
Japanese Shape Burrs (a.k.a. Kumiki Puzzles)
Drueke Burrs - Bill's and Marian's Puzzles
Missing Notch
Elena's Burr
Miyako Wooden Puzzle
The Aeroplane Block Puzzle
Sydney Harburr Bridge
Bill's Ball Buster
Hectix (a.k.a. Hexsticks, Notched Hexagonal Sticks)
Locked Blocks
Block Puzzle Senior
Satellite Burr
H Burr
Sears Tower
Wausau '81
Wausau '82
Wausau 83
Wausau 84
Burry Joint
Lassen Risti
Old Oak Of England
The Pacco Puzzle
Miyako 21-Piece
Binary Burr
Visible Burr
SM24 Burr

Multi Burrs
Fusion Burr
Four Burr Stick
Four Burrs
Lost Day (a.k.a Eight Burrs)
Berserk BurrCirc

Framed Burrs
Oskar's Cube
Two Piece Oddity
Pair Dance
Three Sticks Trapped
Three Trapped Sages
Pandora's Box (a.k.a. Internal Combustion)
Locked Sticks
Two Halves Cage
Constrained Burrs

Burr Sets
Simple 6-Piece 6-Solutions Burr Set
Burr Set JCC
CCH Level 1 Key Piece Burr Set
Interlocking Puzzles Burr Set
Interlocking Puzzles Burr Set #2

Cube Assembly

Pieces Made from Unit Size Cubes
Soma Cube
Half Hour
IP Five Piece Cube
Coffin Quartet
Four X
Bedlam Cube
Century Cube

Pieces Made from Rectilinear Non-Cubic Shapes
Patio Block
Patio Block MPA
Splitting Headache

Pieces Based on Polyhedral Dissections
Quadro Cube
Diagonal Cube

Pieces With Interlocking Connections
Cubes And Pegs
Cubes And Pegs Version B
L-Bert Hall
Five Minute Puzzle
Corner Block
Pieces Of Eight
Groovy Cubes
Twenty Cube
Rik's Kiddy Wrapping
Liberal Cube

Manipulation of Connected Cubes
Folding Cubes
Hinged Cubes
Kev's Snake Cubes (a.k.a. Serpent Cubes)
Cubra Cubes

Misc Cube Assemblies
Helix Cube

Packing (including 2D Shapes)

Checkerboard Puzzles
Checkerboard (a.k.a. All Square Novelty Puzzle, Check-A-Board, ...)
Sectional Checkerboard Puzzle
Chequers (a.k.a. Famous Bug House Puzzle)
The Bug House Puzzle
Famous Baffling Checkerboard Puzzle
XceL Checkerboard Puzzle No. 1
XceL Checkerboard Puzzle No. 2
Gyro Checker Board Jig Saw Puzzle
Draught Board Puzzle (a.k.a. Krazee Checkerboard Puzzle, Zebas Puzzle,...)
Adams Idiot's Delight Checkerboard Puzzle
Japanese 19 Piece Checkerboard Puzzle

Richter Tangram and the Other 36 Anchor Stone Puzzles
Anchor Puzzle Tangram (a.k.a Caricature, Cut-Up Square ... Richter No. 8)
The Nine (a.k.a. All Nine, Richter No. 1)
Lightning Conductor (a.k.a. Richter No. 2)
Egg Of Columbus (a.k.a. Columbus' Egg, Columbian Puzzle, Richter No. 3)
Patience Prover (a.k.a. Richter No. 4)
Trouble Killer (a.k.a. Richter No. 5)
Heart Puzzle (a.k.a. Richter No. 6)
Kobold (a.k.a. Richter No. 7)
Circular Puzzle (a.k.a. Richter No. 9)
Cross Puzzle (a.k.a. Richter No. 10)
Not Too Hasty (a.k.a. Richter No. 11)
Pythagoras (a.k.a. Richter No. 12)
Tormentor (a.k.a. Richter No. 13)
BeQuiet (a.k.a. Richter No. 14 /3)
Sphinx (a.k.a. Lott's Stone Puzzle, Richter No. 15 / 16)
Magic Egg (a.k.a. Miracle Egg, Richter Anchor Stone Puzzle No. 16 / 17)
Wrath Breaker (a.k.a. Richter No. 17)
Richter Anchor Stone Puzzle No. 23
Richter Anchor Stone Puzzle No. 26
Richter Anchor Stone Puzzle No. 27
Richter Anchor Stone Puzzle No. 28
Richter Anchor Stone Puzzle No. 29
Richter Anchor Stone Puzzle No. 30
Richter Anchor Stone Puzzle No. 31
Richter Anchor Stone Puzzle No. 35
Richter Anchor Stone Puzzle No. 36
Richter Summary

Some Other Richter Puzzles and Games
Richter Piccolo Nr. T1 (a.k.a. Richter Picco Nr. T1)
Richter Hamleys
Richter Trench and Zoo Puzzles (a.k.a. Schutzengraben, Zoologischer-Garten)
Richter Star Puzzle
Richter Puzzle Mosaic No. 3
Richter Meteor 1
Richter Meteor 6

Other Tangram-Like Puzzles
The Classic Tangram (a.k.a. Richter Anchor Puzzle)
Sherlock Holmes
Scrambled Egg
121 Puzzles
King Tut's Puzzle
Shape By Shape

Other 2D Puzzles With Polygonal Shapes
Four F's (a.k.a. F Puzzle)
Four Piece Square (a.k.a. Magic Square)
Double Square (a.k.a Square Me, Five Block Puzzle, Madagascar Madness)
Red Circle Puzzle
Missing T (a.k.a. T Puzzle, Magic T, Cut-Up T, Pa's T Puzzle, etc.)
What's Your Score
FPuzzle (theF)
H Puzzle
Pie Without E
Make A Square
Major War Problem

Other 2D Packing Puzzles
Checking In
Decoy Puzzle
Batee Baseball
Four T Puzzle
Pencil Puzzle
Pearl In The Shell
Czech Farms

Pentominoes (a.k.a Polyominoes)
Twin Box Pentominoes

3D Box Filling
Block Head (a.k.a. Sneaky Squares, Stark Raving Cubes, Square Fit, KUBI)
Three Piece Block Head (a.k.a. The Third Degree)
Coffin's 271A
Log Stacker
Dice Packing Box
Chaotic Cube
Pack It In
Cube Root Blocks
Parcel Post
Bermuda Hexagon


2D Matching
Rubik's Tangle 3x3 (a.k.a Rubik's Mini Tangle)
Rubik's Tangle 3x3 Double Sided
Rubik's Tangle 5x5
Crazy Puzzles
McDonald Land Guzzle
Infants Hospital - The Magic Line
Krazee Links (a.k.a Endless Chain)
Lost Rope
Drive Ya Nuts
Circus Seven (a.k.a. Mind Exerciser)
Circus Puzzler (a.k.a. Color Matcher)
Color Match
Match The Colors
Snake Pit
Frog Pond
Tool Trouble
Transposer 6 & Bonbons
Transposer Kaboozle
Tantrix Discovery
Tantrix Extreme
Great Gears

Instant Insanity Family
Instant Insanity (a.k.a Katzenjammer, Great Tantalizer, Face-4, ...)
The Grand Army Puzzle
The Allies Flag Puzzle (a.k.a. The Allied Flags Puzzle)
The Allies Flags Puzzle
Tantalizing Ten
Drives You Crazy
Boer War Puzzle

Other 3D Matching
Double Disaster
Mental Blocks
Disney Cubes
Make A Dice (a.k.a. Spots Puzzle)
Twice Dice
Loony Tunes Blocks
Smarts Pyramid
Smarts PyramidJr
The Rock
Einstein Cube
Rubik Triamid

Other 3D Shape Assembly

Convex Polyhedral Shapes
Two Piece Pyramid (a.k.a. Magic Pyramid)
Three Piece Tetrahedron
Four Piece Pyramid, Version 1
Four Piece Pyramid, Version 2
Four Piece Tetrahedron
Truncated Tetrahedron
Five Piece Tetrahedron
Truncated Octahedra
Truncated Cubes

More Complex Polyhedral Shapes
Three Piece Block
Three Boxy
Three Bunnies
Three Pairs
Augmented Four Corners
Fusion Confusion
Twelve Piece Separation
Crystal Pyramid

3D Jig Saw Puzzles
Jig Saw Dog
Wonder Puzzle Block
3x3 Chinese Zigzag
3x4 Chinese Zigzag
Four Piece Jig Saw Puzzle
Wonders Of The World Cube Puzzle

Misc. Shape Assembly
Oskar's Matchboxes
Pin-Hole Puzzle (a.k.a Pegged Puzzle)
Wood Star
Saturn Ring
Rubik's Snake
Yin And Yang
Wooden-Do-It (a.k.a. Cigar puzzle)
Gumball Keychains
Hartley's Humpty Dumpty
Almost Impossible Heart

Rubik's Cube Etc.

Rubik's Cube - The Two That Started It All
Rubik's 2x2x2 Pocket Cube
Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube

More Rubik's Type Cubes
Rubik 1x2x5
Rubik 1x2x9
Rubik 1x2x13 (a.k.a. Unlucky Twist)
Rubik 1x3x3 Floppy Cube
Rubik1x3x3 Floppy Mirror Cube (a.k.a. Magic Floppy Cube)
Rubik1x3x3 Scramble Cube
Rubik 2x2x2 Bandaged
Rubik 2x2x2 Double Bandaged
Rubik 2x2x2 Nested (a.k.a. Rubik 2x2x2 Super Square)
Rubik 2x2x2 Cubes Fused
Rubik 2x2x3 Tower Cube (a.k.a. Slim Tower, Franken Tower)
Rubik 2x2x4 Tower
Rubik 2x2x4 Nested (a.k.a. Rubik 2x2x4 Super Square)
Rubik 2x2x23 (a.k.a. Overlap Cube)
Rubik 2x3x3 Domino
Rubik2x3x3 Layered
Rubik 2x3x4
Rubik 2x4x4 (a.k.a. WitEden 2x4x4)
Rubik 3x3x3 Mirror Cube (a.k.a. Mirror Block, Yong Jun Cube)
Rubik3x3x3 Fisher Cube (a.k.a. Square King)
Rubik 3x3x3 Void Cube (a.k.a. Holey Cube)
Rubik 3x3x3 Edges Only (a.k.a. Cornerless Void Cub)
Rubik 3x3x3 Fourth Dimension
Rubik 3x3x3 Scotland
Rubik 3x3x3 Layered
Rubik's 3x3x3 Perpetual Calendar
Rubik 3x3x3 Bandaged (a.k.a. Bicube)
Rubik 3x3x3 Patched (a.k.a. Fused Cube)
Rubik 3x3x3 Brick (a.k.a Brick Cube)
Rubik 3x3x3 Latch Cube
Rubik 3x3x3 Constrained (a.k.a. TomZ / Tom's Constrained Cube)
Rubik 3x3x3 Treasure Box
Rubik 3x3x4
Rubik 3x3x5
Rubik 3x3x5 X
Rubik 3x3x5 Cross
Rubik 3x3x9
Rubik 3x3x9RoadBlock
Rubik 3x4x5
Rubik 4x4x4
Rubik 4x4x4 Patched
Rubik 4x4x4 Brick
Rubik 4x4x5
Rubik 4x4x6 (a.k.a. TomZ 4x4x6 Cuboid)
Rubik 5x5x5
Rubik 6x6x6 (a.k.a. V-Cube 6x6x6)
Rubik 7x7x7 (a.k.a. V-Cube 7x7x7)
Large Rubik Cubes
Huge Rubik Cubes

Camouflage Cubes / Evil Cuboids
Camouflage Cube 3x3x3
Camouflage Cube 3x4x4
Evil Cuboid 2x3x4
Evil Cuboid 3x3x3
Evil Cuboid 3x4x5

Crazy Cubes
Crazy Cube 2x3x3
Crazy Cube 3x3x3
Crazy Cube 3x3x7 (a.k.a. WitEden Super Magic Cube)
Crazy Cube 4x4x4
Crazy Cube 4x4x4 Two

Other Rectangular Shapes
Mixup Cube
Ghost Cube
Pocket Cube
Axel Cube
Holey Skewb (a.k.a. Void Skewb)
Pitcher Insanity Cube
Golden Cube
Six Spots
Dino Cube (a.k.a. Dinosaur Cube)
Blue Magic (a.k.a. Black Flower Cube, Star Cube, Rex Cube)
Mosaic Cube
Square 1 (a.k.a. Super Cubix, Cube 21)
Helicopter Cube
Curvy Copter

Geared Shapes
Geared 1x1x4
Geared 2x2x2 (a.k.a. David Gear Cube)
Geared Mixup
Gear Cube
Gear Barrel
Gear Cube Extreme
Timur Gear Skewb
Gear Shift
Gear Pyraminx
Gear Pyraminx2 (a.k.a. Gear Mastermorphix)
Gear Minx
Gear Change
Gear Octahedron (a.k.a. Timur Gear Corner Turning Octahedron)
Gear Ball

Pyrmid and Diamond Shapes
Master Pyraminx
Pyraminx Duo
Pyraminx Diamond
Jing's Pyraminx (a.k.a. Rounded Halpern-Meier Pyramid)
Crazy Pyraminx (a.k.a. Crazy Tetrahedron Plus)
Professor Pyraminx
Megaminx (a.k.a. Supernova)
Holey Megaminx
Crazy Megaminx
Kilominx (a.k.a. Flowerminx)
Master Kilominx
Pyraminx Crystal
Helicopter Dodecahedron
Skewb Diamond
Super Skewb Diamond (a.k.a. Diamond Octahedron)
Skewb Ultimate
Skewb Kite
Skewb Fourteen
Pyramorphix (a.k.a Figurenmatch, Distortion Demon Square)
Starburst (a.k.a. Star of David, Sterns Puzzle)
Mastermorphix (a.k.a. Master Pyramorphinx)
Pillow Cube (a.k.a. Cushion Cube)
Enhanced Pillow Cube (a.k.a. Polish Cushion)
Confused Pillow Cube
Hungarian Diamond
Rhombi Diamond (a.k.a. Diamond Style Puzzler)
Octahedron (a.k.a. Magic Octahedron)
Full Octahedron
Flowered Jewel (a.k.a Jewel Puzzler, Christopher's Magic Jewel, ...)

Disc Shapes
Rubik's Cheese
Rubik UFO
UFO Cheese
Rubik Cheese Cake
Puck Puzzle (a.k.a Hockey Puck Puzzle)
Hungarian UFO (a.k.a. Varia Disk)
Tricky Disky (a.k.a. Tricky Disk, Mind Trapper)
Smart Alex (a.k.a Alpa-2-Go)
Netblock UFO / Sando Ring (a.k.a. King Ring)
Octo (a.k.a. Meeting Colors, Disco Puzzle)
Gerdig UFO
Brain Ball

Ball Shapes
Rubik 2x2x2 K-Ball
Rubik 3x3x3 Ball
Rubik 3x3x3 Apple
Master Ball (a.k.a. Duo Master, Geo Master)
Skewb Puzzle Ball (a.k.a Creative Puzzle Ball)

Misc Shapes
Rubik House (a.k.a. Eight Planets Bermuda Cube)
Time Machine
Rubik Barrel
Rainbow Cube
Rainbow Nautilus
Pentahedron 5 Layer
Crazy Pentahedron
Dino Star
Alexander's Star
Skewb Egg (a.k.a. Golden Egg, Silver Egg, etc.)
Brain Twist

Other 3D Manipulation

Panel Puzzles
Rubik Mini Magic Panels (a.k.a Rubik Magic Junior)
Rubik's Magic Panels
Rubik Magic Panels Create The Cube
Rubik's Master Magic Panels
Rubik Magic Cross Panels
Rubik Super Magic Panels

Towers Of Moving Balls Or Tiles
Whip-It Towers (a.k.a. Genius Puzzle)
Varikon Towers
Whip-It Ball
Babylon Towers
Calendar Bank
Thai Tower (a.k.a. Clever Toys Tower)
Numbers Barrel
Missing Link
Reduced Missing Link
Extended Missing Link
Doubled Missing Link
Mini Missing Link

Other Puzzles With Moving Balls or Tiles
Magic Rainbow Ball
Hungarian Globe (a.k.a. Equator Ball, Magic Sphere, IQ Ball)
Magic Sphere
Twister (a.k.a. Wooden Screwball, Clever Toys Natural)
Atomic Chaos (a.k.a. Kaos)
Pakovalec (a.k.a. Stupid Cylinder)
Ten Billion Barrel (a.k.a. Billion Barrel, Tumbler Puzzle)
Russian Revolver (a.k.a. Russian UFO, Soviet UFO, Russian Flower, Festival Flower)
Back Spin (a.k.a. Loophole)
Sliding Piece Can Puzzle
Sliding Piece Can Puzzle
Brain Racker
The Orb (a.k.a. Orb-It, l'ORBS)
Rubik's Shells

Movement of Pieces by Tilting or Pushing
Varikon Box 2x2x2
Varikon Box 3x3x3
Peter's Black Hole / Vadasz Cage (a.k.a. Inside Out, Magic Jack, IQ Cube)
Mad Marbles
Dice Box
Clark's Cube
Pionir Box (a.k.a. Pionir Cube)
Rubik Dice

Movement of Discs and Rings
Towers Of Hanoi (a.k.a. Pyramid Piling Puzzle, Rainbow Puzzle, Brahma Puzzle)
Chinese Rings (a.k.a. Cardan's Rings, Baguenaudier)
Hexadecimal Puzzle

Manipulation Of Positioned Balls, Levers, Buttons, Etc.
Cmetrick Too (Hard)
Rolling Cubes
Cross Teaser
Rubik's Clock
Cerebral Rings Puzzler
Simultaneous Maze

Wisdom Ball (a.k.a. Mind Twister)
SpongeBob PuzzlePants (a.k.a. SpongeBob Cube)
Flip Side
Rubik's Rabbits (a.k.a. Rubik's Hat)
Brain Puzzler

Sliding Pieces and Other 2D Manipulation

Square Pieces
Fifteen Puzzle
RO-LET (15 tiles)
Unocando (15 tiles)
Missionary Puzzle (16 tiles)
Great Fifty Puzzle (16 tiles, a.k.a Magic Square)
Sixteen Puzzle (16 tiles / 17 spots, a.k.a. Flintstones, Escher)
Moving Day (5 tiles, a.k.a. 5-Block Puzzle, Lodging House Difficulty)
Super Solitaire (8 tiles)
Mystic (8 tiles)
Superman, Simpsons, Alien (9 tiles)
Panama Canal Puzzle (11 tiles)
Bull's-Eye (11 tiles, a.k.a. Bullseye, Target, Zot)
Good Luck (11 tiles)
Ditho (14 tiles)
Double Trouble Puzzle (24 tiles)
Twenty Seven
Thirty One (a.k.a. Jumble, TWIDL)
Frog (31 tiles)
U.S. and World Maps (31 tiles)
Scrabble Pocket Puzzle (31 tiles)
Cornell Crossword Puzzle (31 tiles)
SKOR (31 tiles)
ScribeO (31 tiles)
Octopix (31 tiles)
Forty Nine
LINGO (55 tiles)

Square Pieces With Obstacles
Grandpa's Car (a.k.a. Slide-Blocked Sliding Block)
Time Puzzle
Work Or Golf (a.k.a. Motor Garage Puzzle, Parka Car, Sputnik, E Peg Puzzle)
Honor And Glory (a.k.a. Black And White)
One Fish Another Fish
Russian Rows

1x2 Pieces and (in most cases) 1x1 pieces
Get My Goat (a.k.a. Kapture The Kron Prinz, Boogie Man, Center Point, ...)
Line Up The Quinties
Johnson City Puzzle
Four Suits 2
Puzzle Contrast
Sliding Arrow Through The Bottle Puzzle
Slidem WWII Puzzles
Sliding Chess Mate 36
Straight Arrow

Dad's Puzzler Family - 4x5 Trays and Multiple Shapes Rectangular Pieces
Dad's Puzzler (a.k.a. Moving Puzzle, Tit-Bits Teaser 1, Pennant Puzzle, ...)
Dads Puzzler - Humdinger Version
Dad's Puzzler - Exchange Version / Infants' Hospital
Quzzle And Quzzle Killer
Nine Block
Red Donkey, with Simple TJ, Century, Super Century (a.k.a. L'Ane Rouge, ...)
Traffic Jam / Let Me Through
Century Puzzles
Grand Master With Little House
Ushi And Ushi-Flipped
Hole In One With Royal Out and King Out
Fence The Cow
Dad's Puzzle Family Set With Fujiwara 15/22/25 and Super Compo

Dad's Puzzler Family With Obstacles and Non-Rectangular Pieces
Super Dries

Beyond Dad's Puzzler Family
Sunbeams Rainbow Puzzle
Infants Hospital Puzzle (a.k.a. Infants Progress Puzzle)
Trans-Atlantic (a.k.a. Ten Block Puzzle, Traffic Cop Tangle)
Happy Couple (with Ten Block and The Hughes Puzzle)
Flying Puzzle (a.k.a. Starry Puzzler, Tit-Bits Teaser No. 2, Ching Foo, ...)
George Washington Puzzle
Presidential Puzzle
Tit Bits Teaser No. 5
Century Of Progress (a.k.a. South Pole Expedition)
Sliding Block Puzzle (a.k.a. Fifteen Block Puzzle, 1-2-3 Puzzle, ...)
Slide A While & Model Garage
Tokyo Parking / Rush Hour
Pink and Blue
Adam & Eve (a.k.a. Comic Scramble Game)
RunAway II
Neo Pink And Blue

Further Beyond Dad's Puzzler Family - Non-Rectangular Shapes
Ma's Puzzle (a.k.a. Spirit of '76, Wooden Puzzle, Rectangle Puzzle)
Dad's and Ma's Stumbling Blocks (a.k.a. Dad's Puzzler + Ma's Puzzle)
Mini Ma
Traffic Jam Puzzle (a.k.a. Tit-Bits Teaser No. 4)
Naoyuki Iwase 2012
Naoyuki Iwase 2014
Triple Tango
Clouds And Sheep
Slider (a.k.a. Hole In One)
Block Ten (a.k.a. Apple)
Climb 15
Stumbling Block
I Want You
Neo Black And White
Just Six Pieces
Angel And Satan
Kuroko And Dairu
Two Sliding Squares

Sliding Pieces Non-Standard Movement - Multiple Layers
Fence the Sheep
Two Butterflies
Moon and Star
Get My Sheep
Two Eggs
Sliding Cross
Football Match

Sliding Pieces Non-Standard Movement - Rotations and Turntables
Egg (a.k.a. Dinosaur Egg, Dragon's Egg)
Enjoy Life
Dustin Puzzle
Easy 1989

Sliding Pieces Non-Standard Movement - Capture Movement
Sliding Eight 2 (Sliding Eight II)
My Towers of Hanoi
Sliding Three
Sliding Three Square
Neo Slide-9
Easy Trap
Dog and Cat
My Dog
Two Dogs
Stacking Cups
Train Puzzle

Sliding Pieces Non-Standard Movement - Miscellaneous
African Mask
Who's The Boss

Movement of Buttons, Balls, Numbers, etc.
New Fifteen Puzzle
Perplexity Puzzles (Perplexity, Automobile, This is Jonah, Panama Canal)
One To Ten
Good Luck Railroad Puzzle Game
Puzzler Novice / Challenge / Avenger (a.k.a. Turnstile, Twinspin, ...)
Rotascope (a.k.a. Taquinoscope)
Hungarian Rings
Hungarian Rings Triple
Hungarian Rings Quad
Hungarian Olympic Rings
One Circle Two Circles
Billiards 9-Ball
Trio 2
Subway Shuffle

Movement of Tokens
Eight Peg Puzzle
TeeZ / Brain Buster
Peg Puzzle
Hopper (a.k.a. Downsize)

Mechanically Assisted Sliding Pieces
Top Spin / No. Crunch
Tom's Turnstile
Line Art
Colour Match
Magic Cross (a.k.a. Zauberkreuz)
Rubik's XV (a.k.a. Rubik's Fifteen)
Tsukuda's Square (a.k.a. It, 4x4 Four By Four Puzzle)
Uriblock (a.k.a. Mix Box)
Port To Port And Triple Cross
Switch Back
Modern Times
Mad Triad Challenge (Twisting Tri-Side Puzzle)
Mad Triad Handy (Twisting Tri-Side Puzzle)
La Cerradura Doble
Elemental Neon

String and Wire Puzzles

Move or Remove a Ring
Horse Shoes
Ball And Ring (a.k.a. Ball And Chain)
Moving Rings (a.k.a. Moving Beads, Tiger Cross, Wizzard Wedding Ring)
Wits End
Single Loop Wit's End
Loop Trap
Parallel Dimension

Disengage Two Pieces
Wire U's
Wire P's
Wire Heart
Cast Loop
Cast Ring
Simple Knot 47091
EZ Atom 47092
Lucky Clover

Rod and Loop
Hide The Knots
Beer Bottle Puzzle

Other Puzzles

Mechanicl Challenges
TakitaparT (a.k.a Take It Apart)
Double Puzzle
Rook Puzzle
Bolt And Ball
Spark Plug Puzzle (a.k.a. Bougie, Get Charged)
Cage Puzzle
Nut Case
Drive The USA

Dexterity Puzzles
Abercrombie & Fitch Dexterity Puzzles
A Ward In The Infant's Hospital (a.k.a. The Little Patients Puzzle)
Reiss Style 393
Crazy Maze

Puzzle Boxes
Parrot Box
Spin Box
Coffin's Double Play X-48
Stickman Grandfather Clock
Stickman Oak Wood Slide Box
Stickman Fulcrum Box
Pirate's Wallet Box (a.k.a. Stickman No. 27)
Stickman Burr Tile Box

Jigsaw Heart
Infants Hospital Jigsaw Puzzle
Magic Chalice
What's Your Age
The Amazing Dr. Nim

Nine Mens Morris (a.k.a. Mill, Muhle, Merelles / Merilles, Mulino)
Nannon (a.k.a. Nano Backgammon)
Make Numbers


Hoffmann Related Books
Hoffmann's Puzzles Old and New (1893)
Hordern's Edition Of The Hoffmann Book (1993)
Het Puzzle-Boek (1900)
Hoffmann Posthumous Books (1925)
Hoffmann's Best Math Book (2007)
Hoffmann Patience Games Book (1892)
Hoffmann's Magic Trilogy Books (1920)
Hoffmann Study Book (1977)

Other Books from Before 1960
Robert Merry's Books Of Puzzles 1-3 (1866)
Excursions Into Puzzledom (1879)
Everybody's Puzzle Book (1890)
Richter Company U.S. Brochure (early 1900's)
New Book Of 200 Puzzles (1908)
Dudeney Books (1920's)
Dudeney Posthumous Books
Sam Loyd's Cyclopedia Of Puzzles (1914)
Sam Loyd and His Puzzles (1928)
Wyatt's 1928 and 1946 Books
Johnson Smith Catalog (reprinted from 1929)
Hirschberg Book (1930)
I-X-L Puzzle Book (1938)
Filipiak Book (1942)
Everythings A Puzzle (1953)

Books 1960 - 1999
Bell's History of Board Games (1960)
Murray's History of Board Games (1978)
Delft And Botermans Book (1978)
Winning Ways Books (1982)
Hordern's Sliding Puzzle Book (1986)
Slocum and Botermans Books (1986)
Cutler's 6-Piece Burr Books (1986)
The Mathematics Of Games (1989)
Coffin's Book On Polyhedral Dissections (1990)
Coffin's Puzzle Craft Books (1992)
The Puzzle Archade (1996)
Gabarchuk's Sliding Block Puzzle Book (1996)
Frederickson's Dissections Book (1997)
G4G Tributes To Martin Gardner (1999)

Books 2000 - 2020
The Follette Puzzle Design Book (2001)
Frederickson Books (2002, 2006, 2017)
The Tangram Book (2003)
Haubrich's Checkerboard Puzzles (2005)
The Fifteen Book (2006)
A Visual History of The S.S. Adams Co. (2006)
The Self and Lensch Puzzle Design Book (2006)
Boardman's Puzzle Projects Book (2007)
The Cube Book (2009)
Hess Mathlete Book (2009)
Diaconis and Graham Book (2012)
Stickman Book (2012)
The Anchor Puzzle Book (2012)
Coffin's AP-ART Book

Books after 2020 - save a tree and go paperless!