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April 2023


Employment Experience

Journal Publications

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Refereed Conference Publications

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Book Chapters and Magazine Articles

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Refereed Workshops

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Refereed Panel Positions, Tutorials, Demos and Poster Abstracts

  1. Fatima Abu Deeb, Timothy J Hickey. Reflective Debugging with a Python Web IDE. Lightning talk in Proceedings of the 52nd ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science, Mar 2021.
  2. Teaching and assessing debugging, testing, and coding style with Recursive Pedagogy using Spinoza, by Fatima Abu Deeb, Timothy Hickey, Poster in SIGCSE-2019
  3. Fatima Abu Deeb and Timothy Hickey. Demo: Spinoza -- In-class Python Problem Solving With Classroom Orchestration SIGCSE 2018
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Unpublished Technical Reports

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