{Eval servlet

Scheme Evaluation Servlet

[ (servlet (query pw) (case pw ((#null) {

}) ;; having an explicit password is insecure, it would be better ;; to do a case on the "hash" of the password, and then test for the ;; hash here.... (("abc777*") {
Expression: [query]
Result: [(tryCatch (map (lambda (x) ; remove the quote from the following line to get an evaluator ; but beware, this opens up your machine for the whole world ; to use, if they know the password... '(eval `(let ((request ,request) (response ,response) (httpservlet ,httpservlet)) ,x))) (jscheme.REPL.parseScheme query)) (lambda(e) e))]

New Expression to be evaluated

}) (else {Wrong password!!}) )) ] }