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GP-96 Video and Audio Tapes

Sound Photosynthesis is pleased to announce that video and audio cassette recordings of (almost) the entire GP96 conference, held earlier this week at Stanford University are available for ordering.

(NTSC VHS) Videotapes are $35 each, plus shipping ($3 domestic, and approx. $10 international per tape depending on country), plus California sales tax if applicable. Most videotapes hold about two hours of material.

Audio tapes (1 hour each) are $10, plus shipping ($3 per two tapes rounded up, approx $10 per two tapes international depending on destination).

Purchasers of the entire set will receive a 10% discount. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

You can order by calling 415-383-6712, or emailing or using the web at

When ordering, please have the title(s) and catalog number(s) ready, along with your name, shipping address, and VISA/MasterCard information.

List of GP96 Tapes

Sunday July 28

Video V569BT-96 Machine Language Genetic Programming - Peter Nordin,
University of Dortmund, Germany.

Video V569CT-96 Genetic Programming using Mathematica - Robert Nachbar -
Merck Research Laboratories.

Video V569DT-96 Introduction to Genetic Programming - John Koza. 

Video V569ET-96 Classifier Systems- Robert Elliott Smith, University of

Video V569FT-96 Evolutionary Computation for Constraint Optimization -
Zbigniew Michalewicz, University of    North Carolina.

Video V569GT-96 Advanced Genetic Programming -  Koza.

Video V569HT-96 Evolutionary Programming and Evolution Strategies -
David Fogel,  University of California, San Diego.

Video V569IT-96 Cellular Encoding - Gruau, Stanford University (via
videotape) and Andre, Stanford University    (in person). 

Video V569JT-96 Genetic Programming with Linear Genomes (one hour) -
Wolfgang Banzhaf, University of     Dortmund, Germany.

Video V569KT-96 ECHO - Simon Fraser, Santa Fe Institute. 

Monday, July 29, 1996

Video V569A-96 Introduction and Administrative Announcements - John
Koza, GP-96 General Chair Invited Speech - Hidden Order, John Holland

Video V569B-96 Discovery by GP of a Cellular Automata Rule that  is
Better than any Known Rule for the Majority Classification Problem, Andre,
Bennett , and Koza.
discussant:  Ehrenburg
Solving Facility Layout Problems Using Genetic Programming,
Garces-Perez, Schoenefeld, and Wainwright 
Silicon Evolution, Thompson, discussant:  BennettIII
G P of Near-Minimum-Time Spacecraft Attitude Maneuvers, Howley, discussant: 

Video V569C-96 Automated WYWIWYG Design of Both the Topology and
Component Values of Electrical  Circuits Using GP, Koza, Bennett , Andre,
and  Keane, discussant:  Rosca 
Evolving Fractal Movies,  Angeline, discussant:  Fogel
Preliminary Experiments on Discriminating between Chaotic Signals and Noise
Using  Evolutionary Programming, Fogel and  Fogel, discussant:  Angeline
Discovering Patterns in Spatial Data using Evolutionary Programming,
Ghozeil and Fogel, discussant:  Angeline Evolving Reduced Parameter
Bilinear Models for Time Series Prediction using 
Fast Evolutionary  Programming, Rao and Chellapilla, discussant:  Fogel

Video V569D-96 Robustness of Robot Programs Generated by GP Ito, Iba,
and Kimura, discussant: Lohnert Toward Simulated Evolution of Machine
Language Iteration, Huelsbergen, discussant: Balakrishnan A New Class
of Function Sets for Solving Sequence Problems, Handley, discussant:
Abramson The Evolution of Memory and Mental Models Using GP, Brave,
discussant: Spector 

Video V569E-96 Learning Recursive Functions from Noisy Examples using
Generic GP,  Wong and Leung  discussant:  
Dynamics of GP and Chaotic Time Series Prediction, Mulloy, Riolo, and
Savit, discussant:  Oakley
Waveform Recognition Using GP:  The Myoelectric Signal Recognition Problem,
Farry, and  Cheatham, discussant:  Poli 

Video V569F-96 Bargaining by Artificial Agents in Two Coalition Games: A
Study in GP for Electronic  Commerce, Dworman, Kimbrough, and Laing, discussant: 
GP and the Efficient Market Hypothesis,  Chen and Yeh, discussant:  Milne 
Parallel GP: An Application to Trading Models Evolution, Oussaidene,
Chopard, Pictet,
and Tomassini, discussant:  Ikram
Improved Direct Acyclic Graph Evaluation and the Combine Operator in GP,
Ehrenburg, discussant:  Dracopoulos

Video V569G-96 Distributed GP: Empirical Study and Analysis, Niwa and
Iba, discussant:  Ikram
Paragen: A Novel Technique for the Autoparallelisation of Sequential
Programs using GP, Walsh  and Ryan, discussant:  Ikram 
Motion Planning and Design of CAM Mechanisms by Means of a Genetic
Algorithm, Faglia and  Vetturi, discussant:  Oakley
An Adverse Interaction between Crossover and Restricted Tree Depth in GP,
Gathercole and  Ross, discussant:  Rosca 

Video V569H-96 Evolving Event Driven Programs, Crosbie and Spafford,
discussant:  McPhee
Entailment for Specification Refinement, Haynes, Gamble, Knight, and
Wainwright, discussant:  Teller 
MASSON: Discovering Commonalities in Collection of Objects using GP, Ryu
and Eick
Dis: Handley
Evolving Strategies Based on the Nearest Neighbor Rule and a Genetic
Algorithm, Fuchs, discussant:  Gelenbe 

Tuesday, July 30, 1996

Video V569I-96 Introduction and Administrative Announcements, Koza,
GP-96 General Chair
Using Data Structures within GP,. Langdon,discussant:  Andre
From Competence to Efficiency and Beyond:  Lessons from GAs, Lessons for
GP, Goldberg 

Video V569J-96 Evolving Evolution Programs: GP and L-Systems, Jacob,
discussant:  Fuchs
A Comparison between Cellular Encoding and Direct Encoding for Genetic
Neural Networks,  Gruau, Whitley, and Pyeatt, discussant:  Bennett 
Code Growth in GP, Soule, Foster, and Dickinson, discussant:  Rosca
Cultural Transmission of Information in GP, Spector and Luke, discussant:  Gessler

Video V569K-96 Use of Automatically Defined Functions and
Architecture-Altering Operations in Automated  Circuit Synthesis with GP,
Koza, Andre,  Bennett , and Keane, discussant:  Poli
Investigating the Generality of Automatically Defined Functions, O'Reilly,
discussant:  Gathercole 
Evolving Deterministic Finite Automata Using Cellular Encoding, Brave
Variations in Evolution of Subsumption Architectures Using GP: The Wall
Following Robot  Revisited, Ross,  Daida, Doan, Bersano-Begey, McClain,
discussant:  Maxwell

Video V569L-96 A Study in Program Response and the Negative Effects of
Introns in GP, Andre and Teller, discussant:  Rosca
Ontogenetic Programming, Spector & Stoffel, discussant:  Haynes
Generality Versus Size in GP,  Rosca, discussant:  Haynes
The Benefits of Computing with Introns, Wineberg and Oppacher, discussant: 

Video V569M-96 Computer-Assisted Design of Image Classification
Algorithms: Dynamic and Static Fitness  Evaluations in a Scaffolded GP
Environment, Daida, Bersano-Begey, Ross, and Vesecky, discussant:  Poli
Programmatic Compression of Images and Sound, Nordin and Banzhaf, discussant: 
GP for Image Analysis, Poli, discussant:  Lohnert
Evolving Edge Detectors with GP, Harris and Buxton, discussant:  Poli 

Video V569LT-96 Tutorial 12 - Neural Networks - David E. Rumelhart,
Stanford University 
Video V569MT-96 Tutorial 13 - Machine Learning - Pat Langley, Stanford
Video V569NT-96 Tutorial 14 - Molecular Biology for Computer Scientist -
Russ B. Altman, M. D., Ph.D ,  Stanford  University

Video V569oT-96 Tutorial 15 - Evolvable Hardware Tutorial, Hugo De
Garis, ATR, Kyoto, Japan, Adrian  Thompson, University of Sussex, UK
This is  on 2 video tapes for $50.

Wednesday, July 31, 1996

Video V569N-96 Introduction and Administrative Announcements, Koza,
GP-96 general chair 
An Investigation into the Sensitivity of GP to the Frequency of Leaf
Selection During Subtree  Crossover,  Angeline, discussant:  McPhee
Benchmarking the Generalization Capabilities of A Compiling GP System using
Sparse Data Sets,  Francone, Nordin, and Banzhaf, discussant:  Dracopoulos 
GP using Genotype-Phenotype Mapping from Linear Genomes into Linear
Phenotypes, Keller and  Banzhaf, discussant:  Spector
GP, the Reflection of Chaos, and the Bootstrap: Towards a useful Test for
Chaos, Oakley, discussant:  

Video V569o-96 Search Bias, Language Bias, and GP, Whigham, discussant: Rosca
Using GP to Develop Inferential Estimation Algorithms, McKay, Willis,
Montague, and Barton
Evolving Teamwork and Coordination with GP, Luke and Spector
Automatic Creation of an Efficient Multi-Agent Architecture Using GP with
Architecture-  Altering Operations, Bennett , discussant:  Poli 

Video V569P-96 Classifier System Renaissance: New Analogies, New
Directions, Cribbs and Smith, discussant:  Riolo
Three-Dimensional Shape Optimization Utilizing a Learning Classifier
System, Richards and  Sheppard, discussant:  Smith 
Natural Niching for Evolving Cooperative Classifiers, Horn and Goldberg,
discussant:  Smith
Genetic Algorithms with Analytical Solution, Gelenbe 

Video V569Q-96 Evolving Control Laws for a Network of Traffic Signals,
Montana and Czerwinski, discussant:  McPhee
Evolving Agents, Qureshi, discussant:  Horn 
Signal Path Oriented Approach for Generation of Dynamic Process Models,
Marenbach,  Bettenhausen, and Freyer discussant:  Teller 
High-Performance, Parallel, Stack-Based GP, Stoffel and Spector, discussant: 

Video V569R-96 GP for Improved Data Mining: An Application to the
Biochemistry of Protein Interactions,  Raymer, Punch, Goodman, and Kuhn,
discussant:  Handley
The Prediction of the Degree of Exposure to Solvent of Amino Acid Residues
via GP, Handley 
Using GP to Approximate Maximum Clique, Soule, Foster, and Dickinson
Evolving Recurrent Neural Network Architectures by GP, Esparcia-Alcazar and

Video V569S-96 On Sensor Evolution in Robotics, Balakrishnan and Honavar
Testing Software using Order-Based Genetic Algorithms Boden and Martino,
discussant:  Balakrishnan  A Genetic Algorithm for the Construction of Small and Highly Testable OKFDD
Circuits,  Drechsler, Becker, and Gockel, discussant:  Gelenbe 

Video V569T-96 Automatic Generation of Object-Oriented Programs Using
GP, Bruce, discussant:  Dracopoulos
Recognition and Reconstruction of Visibility Graphs Using a Genetic
Algorithm, Veach, discussant:  Gelenbe
Evolutionary Algorithms for Natural Language Processing, Dunning and Davis,
discussant:  Noorthoek  

Video V569U-96 GP in Database Query Optimization, Stillger and
Classification using Cultural Co-Evolution and GP,  Abramson and Hunter,
discussant:  Horn 
Type-Constrained GP for Rule-Base Definition in Fuzzy Logic Controllers,
Alba, Cotta, and  Troyo 

Patrick Tufts