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Search & Destroy and Kenka, St Mark's Place, New
York City

My background is in Artificial Intelligence.

I also spend time as a Wikipedia administrator and occasional Slashdot moderator. My Wikipedia contributions are dual-licensed under the GNU Free Documentation and Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike licenses.

I'm currently working on something interesting and looking for Python programmers. My contact info is at the end of the page.

From 2002 until late 2007, I worked with Danny Hillis, Robert Cook, and many other smart people at Metaweb and Applied Minds.

The best-known AI work I've done is Amazon's "customers who viewed this also viewed..." recommendation system. You can see the system in action by looking at any electronics product on Amazon's site.

Before Amazon, I worked with Brewster Kahle and many great folks at Alexa Internet building the Related Links recommendation system for Netscape (What's Related) and IE (Show Related Links). My software generated many of the recommendations.

Before Amazon and Alexa, David Waltz and Jordan Pollack were my grad school advisors at Brandeis. I was also a visiting researcher at Thinking Machines and a senior analyst at IBM.

Patrick Tufts
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