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Unimog-S 404: Number Built

It appears that the UNIMOG-S, first built 1955, was the largest production run (64,242 units) of any UNIMOG model and its success solely due to military sales. In fact, the date of Germany's integration into NATO and the establishment of the Bundeswehr 10 years after the end of WWII coincides exactly with the first production of the UNIMOG-S.

Although the French military, amongst the first buyers outside of Germany, would have been satisfied with a diesel variant, US influence within NATO prompted the adoption of a more powerful petrol-engined variant.

DB (Daimler-Benz) had in fact been experimenting with the UNIMOG concept as early as 1946 and had used the M136 petrol engine from the 170V passenger car but in 1955, after considering 4-cylinder alternatives, it was decided to use the 6-cylinder M180 out of the 220 car.

The petrol-engined UNIMOG-S was an immediate success with all military customers throughout Europe and beyond.

U80       wheelbase 2670mm    intro:    1955
U82                 2900mm              1956
U110                2900mm              1972
Production volumes:
1955-1977      63,420
1978               53
1979              758
1980               11

TOTAL          64,242
Source: 'Die Geschichte des MB Unimog', Joerg-Erhard Hofelich, BLV Munich, ISBN 3405135869.


Thanks to Manfred Princz for this information
Patrick Tufts