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Unimogs in Movies and on Television

Jurassic Park: The Lost World

Bill Caid says that the movie has a set of new mogs, including a double-cab being carried by a helicopter. Ben Burden adds:,
Sadly, all of the dirty work is done by M-Class machines. In one scene, an M was attempting to pull up a large communication center/RV, sliding all over the place. Of course, if they had a Unimog, half of their troubles would be over, and there would be no movie.
I suspect the sequel to this episode will be Jurassic Mog: The Lost Oil Seal.

X Files

Tunguska, parts 1 and 2 (aired in US on 25 Nov 96 and 1 Dec 96). According to Sevan Ashikian, there are three mogs, a 1970 404, a 1969 406 (driven by Mulder in pt. 2), and a 1959 404 used as a double for the 406 for the rollover.

Part 1: Christopher Gordon reports that "there was a 45 second shot of a 404.0 (in `Russia') dropping Agent Mulder off."

According to Pearce Owen, there's a photo of the X-Files truck in the Mercedes-Benz Unimog Journal (Issue 1/1996, p. 21).


404 pritsche, right-hand drive. Different engine sound dubbed in. Truck used to transport second team from airport to jungle. Vehicle now owned by Stu Smith of California.

Himmel Über Berlin (Wings of Desire)

Small Unimog (406?), blue, used by circus. In medium shot when circus leaves town.

Midnight Express

21 seconds, blue police 404S driving through "Istanbul". Scene probably filmed in Malta. Vehicle now owned by Christian Falzon. Follow the truck link for pictures.

The Gods Must be Crazy

9 seconds, 3/4 of the way through movie, long shot view of a 404S pritsche box dropping off boxes of "food" in a grass field.

The Gods Must be Crazy II

12 seconds, first 1/4 of movie, full frame shots of: 404S Unimogs in a convoy, pritsche boxes and one with a large generator set-up on bed.

Iron Eagle III

14 seconds, last 1/4 of movie, full frame shots of a 404S pritsche box Unimog being loaded with "loot" by "villians" before air attack.

Medicine Man

72 seconds, (last 10 minutes of movie), long shots and extreme close-up shots of a white U1300 (guess is ex-military, by roof hatch) doors removed, being driven across burnt out rain forest in South America.

Killers of the Wild

Unable to find this in the Internet Movie Database.

1978? wildlife adventure film, shot in Argentina.

Patrick Tufts