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This list describes some of the factory options fitted according to the customer's needs or specific operating conditions. The SA number is the spare parts microfiche that must be consulted to determine part numbers of individual components and/or the complete assembly. It is doubtful that these items are still available from MB.

As of Sept 97, I've heard reports that official Mercedes parts for Unimog 404s are outrageously expensive. See the Unimog-S 404 Parts page for examples.

SA 35254       HD suspension
SA 35565       Rear stabilizer bar
SA 35907       Hardtop
SA 35013       Wheels 11.00-20 for tire size 12.5-20
SA 35249       Raised air-intake
SA 35174       Acoustic insulation
SA 35302       Power-assisted brakes
SA 35198       Additional fuel pump 
               for hot climates (overcomes vapor lock, draws from
               front tank only)
SA 35540       Rev counter (tachometer)
SA 35405       Hydraulic jack 
SA 35443       Steering wheel, larger 
SA 35272       Lockable fuel filler cap
SA 35105       Reversing lamp
SA 35038       Sieve for fuel filler 
SA 35025       Portable handlamp 
SA 35012       Mechanical winch (MB)
SA 35014       Rear tow coupling 
SA 35015       Steering protection plate
SA 35017       Tool box 
SA 35141       Dynamo 600W/24V (DC generator)
SA 35465       Dynamo 600W/24V, sealed (DC generator)
SA 35496       Alternator
SA 35163       Engine and battery pre-heating (cold climates)
SA 35181       Ammeter
There was also a tropical radiator (plus wax-type thermostat) available, but I do not have the SA number.

A cab hardtop (for soft top cabs) was manufactured by:

     ELLER Karosserie-Kunstoffbau
     Industrie Str. 4
     D 7573 Sinzheim/Baden-Baden
Featured sandwiched shell construction to insulate against extreme temperatures and fitted with a large sliding rear window and two-stage ventilation flap in the roof. Similar hardtops were also available for 403/406/413/416 models.
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