Page last updated 23 Sept 97. Added info on expensive unused parts in Germany.

Part Numbers and Specifications

This is a list of miscellaneous parts and numbers. If you would like to contribute to this list, send me mail.

The following parts are listed separately: engines (main FAQ page), optional equipment, and implements.

As of Sept 97, I've heard reports that official, unused Mercedes parts for Unimog 404s are outrageously expensive. See the Unimog-S 404 Parts page for examples.

Some examples: US $2000 for a radiator, US $1500 for a carburetor, and US $10000 (yes, $10k) for an axle. Part of the problem is that these parts are buried in warehouses, and it takes significant effort for the sources (Mercedes? European parts dealers?) to locate them. Same person reports that German 404 parts suppliers tend to only sell lots of over ten thousand items for small parts like gaskets.

If anyone can confirm these prices, please let me know


From the Operator's Manual, p79.
Black out, front
Turn signal*, stop   20 W    Base:  BA15s
Instr., BO rear      2 W            BA9s
Tail light           5 W            BA15s
Marker light         4 W            BA9s
Headlight          40/45 W          BA20d or P45t
* Dirk Rautenberg says:
I suggest only 18W for front turn, seen many melted lenses before. Also, we've been converting a lot of trucks to halogen headlights. Brighter and easier (cheaper) to buy replacement bulbs!!

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Patrick Tufts