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Unimogs since the S 404

Since the introduction of the Unimog-S 404 in the 1950s, there have been many other models of Unimog. This document is the beginning of a summary of these newer models. If you would like to contribute information, send me mail.

Please consider this a very rough draft. There are almost certainly errors, and there are definitely important omissions.

List of Models

Note: This is not an exhaustive list: UX1, U90, U100L, U140L, U140T, U800, U900, U1250, U1350L, U1450, U1550L, U2150L, U2100T/U2400TG, U2400, U2450L.

Summary of models (incomplete)

Much of this information is from Sofcom's data on 1995 Australian military models.
model             payload       wheelbase             power
---------------   -----------   --------------------  ----------------------
UX   1						      54kW / 81kW
UX 100						      54kW / 90kW
U   90						      75?kW / 90kW
U  100 L    4x4   1.5 - 1.8 t   3220mm                72kW
U  140 L    4x4   2.0 - 2.5 t   3470 / 3900mm         79kW / 102kW
U 1350 L    4x4   2.5 - 3.0 t   3250 / 3700mm         100kW
U 1550 L    4x4   3.0 t         3250 / 3700 / 4500mm  114kW
U 1550 L/38 4x4   4.0 t         3850mm                114kW
U 2150 L    4x4   5.0 t         3250 / 3850 / 4500mm  132kW / 157kW / 177 kW
U 2450 L    6x6   7.0 t         3900mm                177kW

Individual Model Specifications

Some of this information is from Sofcom's Unimog Specifications.


gross weight:	6500kg 
payload:	2.5 tonnes
drive:		lhd and rhd available
transmission:	6 speed, 8 speed, automatic
air cond.:	standard equipment
engine:		140HP 4 cylinder turbocharged intercooled
fuel consumption: 12mpg range

U 900 (406)

The U900 is often referred to by the first digits of the chassis number: 406.

Shorter wheelbase than the Unimog-S 404. Imported into the US and Canada for snow removal, came with diesel engine. Lower top speed than the S-404. I believe the U 900 is the same vehicle as the Case MB 4/94.

	engine:		5.8l diesel
	wheelbase:	93.5in wheelbase. 
	top speed:	80kph (48 mph)

Unimog 2450L 6x6 1995

        Forward-control, 3 seats 
        loa:		7580mm
	width:		2500mm
	height:		2800mm (cab)
	weight:		8,100kg (unladen) 
        payload:	7,000kg
	GVM:		17,000kg
	towing:		12,000kg (braked) 
        wheelbase:	3900mm (1-2) and 5300mm (1-3)
	track:		1870mm
	ground clearance: 495mm 
        approach:	47 degrees
	departure:	49 degrees
        turning radius: 9.25m 
        engine type:	OM 366 LA
			    5958cc diesel 
			    6 cyls turbo-charged intercooled 2v/cyl ohv 
        power:		177kW at 2600rpm, torque: 760Nm at 1700rpm 
        transmission:	8 speed, part-time 6x6, diff locks
			    portal axles with hub-reduction 
        suspension:	beam-coil
	brakes:		disc 
        tires:		14.5R20
	fuel-tank:	165L (220L optional) 

UX 1

From MB press releases. Introduced in 1996.
	width:		1.6m
	height:		2m
	GVW:		3.5 to 4.8 tonnes
	engine:		54kW (73hp) diesel, or
			81kW (110hp) diesel
	max speed:	70? kph (which would be 40mph)
Designed for applications like waste disposal, streetsweeping, construction, and airport duties. I believe this is the least expensive of the currently produced Unimogs.

UX 100

From MB press release.
	width:		1.6m
	height:		2m
	GVW:		3.5 to 4.8 tonnes
	engine:		54kW (73hp) Euro-2 diesel, or
			90kW (121hp) Euro-2 diesel
	max speed:	70? kph (which would be 40mph)

U 90

Info from MB press release.
	engine:		75? kW 
			90kW (122hp) Euro-2 turbo diesel

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