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Unimog S-404 Safari expedition options for M180 engine

This information was supplied by Manfred Princz.
The following modifications should be considered when
preparing a Unimog-S 404 with the M180 engine for

1.   Raised air-intake with cyclone pre-filter SA 35130 which
     consists of:

     1    Raised air-intake   404 550 09 57
     1    Pre-filter          006 094 17 02

2.   Tropical cooling pulley SA 35464 consisting

     1    Pulley              180 200 23 05
     2    Drive belts         007753 009506

3.   Additional fuel pump (electric) to overcome vapor-lock in
     hot climates SA 35198

4.   Tropical battery SA 35035

5.   Lampguards for headlamps SA 35424

6.   Exhaust-heat deflection shield 404 490 00 30 on
     passenger side.  Fitted as standard from chassis .. 13900

7.   Heat-insulation for engine and header tank SA 35174
     consisting of:

     1    Cover               404 610 00 28
     1    Cover               404 880 00 59

8.   According to gross vehicle weight, check whether brake
     booster SA 35302 and HD springs SA 35254 are necessary
     (required by law for vehicles exceeding 5,250 kgs GVW).

9.   When axle loadings exceed 2,500 kgs, 8PR tires to be

10.  For vehicles fitted with a box-type body, rear
     stabilizer SA 35565 to be fitted.

11.  An extra spare wheel.

12.  Front-mounted mechanical recovery winch WERNER F64 M1 SE
     with 5,000 kp line-pull with mounting brackets and 40m/
     12mm or 50m/10mm cable.  Requires gearbox PTO and shaft
     SA 35372.

13.  Portable handlamp                  000 583 35 19

14.  Mesh-strainer for fuel filler      435 470 00 06

15.  Lockable fuel filler cap           000 471 67 30

16.  Larger steering wheel              000 464 09 01

Please note that some items may no longer be available from MB
main dealers but only from specialist suppliers.

The abbreviation (SA) refers to a particular
'Sonderausfuehrung' i.e. special version used to tailor a
Unimog to a specific application and denotes the spare parts
microfiche that fully describes the associated components in
the build specification.

All MB products i.e. passenger cars, trucks, Unimogs and buses
are originally supplied with a data card describing all SAs
incorporated into a particular vehicle.  This data card is
often essential to allow the correct identification of
partnumbers by the MB service organization and on the basis of
a given VIN, the engine and serial numbers of transmission
assemblies can also be determined.  The worldwide MB dealer
network has access to such information via the factory for all
vehicles built.

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