Harry Mairson

Ph.D., Computer Science, Stanford University, 1984
mairson at cs dot brandeis dot edu

257 Volen / (781) 736-2724



My talk at POPL98.

A poem I composed d'apres le celebre "Cyrano de Bergerac" de Rostand, to begin a seminar I gave at IML Marseille.

A violincello I built. And a cellist I know playing it.

A viola da gamba I built.

A Halloween costume (1997).

Halloween 1998: la tour Eiffel et la belle France. (or just the tour Eiffel alone.)

Halloween 1998: le Roi-Soleil.

Simon's Red Beetle (1999)

Mike Mulligan's Steam Shovel (2000)

Fenway Park (2000)

Halloween 2001: a toilet. And once more, flush with success (2007)...

Another Halloween cello (2008).

The Zakim Bridge (2008).

Scientific poetry: new proofs of old theorems (with M. Cohn).

An address I gave at the School of Science commencement ceremonies at Brandeis (May, 1996), entitled In praise of the research university.

An address I gave at the School of Science commencement ceremonies at Brandeis (May, 2006), entitled Respect for our parents, and thinking for ourselves.

An essay, Diversity at Brandeis: A Real Turkey. (This appeared in a Brandeis undergraduate magazine, The Watch.

Poetic Justice. Written for the 150th anniversary of Louis Brandeis's birth.

An invited presentation I made at the 2008 national meeting of the Hillel Foundation, entitled Imagining a Civil University: Its Necessity and Insufficiency.

A June 2009 conférence-débat in which I participated on free speech and thought at the Luminy campus of the University of Marseille, Liberté de parole à l'université.

A message from my favorite university president

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