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Ann Marion
TEL: (978) 440-8682
FAX: (978) 440-8683
url: http://wwww.bicnet.net/~annmarion@bicnet.net

Ann Marion is a Producer/Designer of Mediated Learning Environments, currently providing strategic solutions and production management. Authoring tools and languages, computational representations, computer animation, systems integration for end-user customization, software design processes.

Her work is artifact-based research, investigating issues in learning through design of software languages and/or tools, particularly end-user customization; with special interest in multi-modal [gesture/haptic and motion-based representations]

Ann Marion has long been a champion of novel solutions in educational technology to accomplish the integration of 20th century science and technology subject matter into the curriculum. As a software product manager in commerical environments, she worked to articulate and promote new research and development and cross industry systems integration to create the IT infrastructure to support ePublishing and Distance Learning. These are summarized in the on-line article at JIME: The Journal of Interactive Media in Education,


Brandeis University. Waltham, MA 2001-current
  • Researcher Learning Systems

  • StonySoft Consulting. Sudbury, MA 1998-current
  • Distance Learning Consultant/WebMaster:Strategic solutions for new england companies in transition, addressing community, customer-focus, content and customer databases.

  • Houghton Mifflin Company. College Division Sixth Floor Media, , Boston, MA. 1996-1998
  • Product Development Manager: Direct R&D of next generation instructional titles & applications for Distance Learning in software innovation unit: Sixth Floor Media, integrating customer-centered design process and telesales/database marketing.

  • Principal Investigator:Research and Prototype next generation instructional titles in million dollar government grant: initial planning of content/customer databases for custom publishing.
  • Distance Learning Strategic Planning Team Member : developed business models; partners.

  • Corey & Co: Designers "Dancing Pictures" , Watertown, MA. 1995-1996
    Partner/Design Director:Founded an entrepreneurial venture, StonySoft Productions, to implement interactive titles show-casing new learning technologies. Through Bob Stein at Voyager produced Marvin Minsky’s Society of Mind: The CD-ROM, received numerous awards. Guided Interval Corporation in applying the same techniques to a CD-ROM venture with Rick Smolan, Passage to Vietnam. StonySoft was acquired by Corey & Co, and was involved in the design and launch educational internet sites for Pleasant Company for American Girl, Viacom Nickelodeon, Turner Broadcasting, and Harvard.

    Apple Computer Advanced Technology Group "Vivarium Program". Los Angeles & Cupertino, CA. 1985-1992
  • Research Director Directed the creation of a model "school of the future" within a public "magnet" school in Los Angeles; based on my concepts for utilizing computer simulations in education. Actualized theories of computer visionary Alan Kay: established a model "school of the future" in a L.A. public "magnet" school in a multifaceted experiment in learning. Research Direction of engineering projects in software and i/o device design (3D, haptic, gesture) in context of classroom curriculum. Individual contributor: Implementation of microworlds used in classrooms. Management: Budget, liaison with school district, diverse business & university relationships.

  • Hewlett Packard Interface Technology Lab, Video Enhanced Graphics, Palo Alto, CA. 1984-1985
  • Researcher: Designed & implemented business desktops with "motion-coded" computer animation-based user interfaces on experimental prototype computer with multiple real time video streams and multimedia object classes. Pursue abstract description of motion to better support graphic representation of dependent behavior of software objects in interactive applications.

  • Atari, Inc. Corporate Research, Interactive Animation Group, Sunnyvale, CA. 1982-1984
  • Principal Investigator/ Program Manager: Interactive Animation Group created self-motivated animated characters using a variety of techniques for parameterized animation and simplified artificial intelligence, used in learning simulations; within Dr. Alan Kay's research lab.

  • Paradox Films. Cambridge, MA. 1981-1982
    Biology Series scripted for WGBH Public Television
  • Researcher/Scriptwriter: Biology Series scripted for WGBH Public Television. 12 shows based on "Lives of a Cell" by Dr. Lewis Thomas, demonstrating key concepts in cybernetics in the life sciences.

  • M.I.T. Center for Advanced Engineering Study, 1976-1979
  • Operations Engineer/ Video Production Manager: Managed production of Lecture tape series marketed internationally for continuing education for engineers, on digital electronics, etc. Video Operations Engineer for Broadcast studio and campus cable system, set up & technical operation.

  • Education:

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology Master of Science in Visual Studies, 1982.
  • Research Assistant: Architecture Machine Group (predecessor of Media Lab) Created interactive demonstrations for Little Brown, WGBH, Joffrey Ballet, utilizing gesture input devices from bio-mechanical engineering lab with 3D graphics.

  • Cornell University Bachelor of Fine Arts, , 1975.
  • Major in Printmaking & painting; Minor in Museumology: business & exhibit creation.

  • Fellowships and Awards:

    Grant recipient:NSF/DARPA E/W Consortium. Houghton Mifflin P.I. 1996-1998.
    Award: Interactive Media Festival, Los Angeles, June 1994
    Award: Japan's MacLife, 1994. Society of Mind cd-rom.
    Award: American Booksellers Convention 1994. Society of Mind cd-rom.
    Nominated: Weisner prize: notable contributions to advancing technology in art at MIT 1981.
    First prize:Experimental Video, N.E.AFI/Sony Student Video Contest. 1982.
    Grant recipient: Little Brown Books Vic Braden Tennis Videodisc Simulation 1982.
    Grant recipient: Council for the Arts at MIT, 1981 Joffrey Collaboration: feasibility study for an Interactive Stage Set for the Joffrey Ballet.
    Scholarship:Women in Engineering from Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE). 1981.
    The Stone Prize: for highest ranking junior in fine arts, Cornell. 1974.

    Professional Activities and Associations:

    Founding Member: Educational Object Economy. 1997-current.
    Member:Association of Support Professionals 1997-current
    Founding Member:Boston Film/Video Foundation. 1976-1981, 1987-1989
    Member: SMPTE. 1980-1982.
    Member:ACM. since 1976
    Member:SIGCHI. 1997
    Member:University Film Study Center. 1976-1981
    Member:National Federation of Local Cable Programmers. 1979

    Selected Publications:


    Marion, Ann, White Paper for NAMAC New England Working Group for Digital Directions in the Media Arts for the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture [NAMAC] summer 2000. http://www.namac.org/Directions/index.html

    * Marion, Ann, and Hacking, Liz, "Publishing and the WWW", Journal of Interactive Media in Education. Special Issue by the East/West Consortium: Next Generation Authoring Tools and the Educational Object Economy, Simon Buckingham Shum, editor, http://www-jime.open.ac.uk/98/ew-issue.html, Knowledge Media Institute: The Open University, Milton Keynes, U.K. May 1998.
    * Marion, Ann R., "Construction Zone", Learning Ways, Kristina Hooper-Woolsey, editor. (1991?)
    * Clark, M., Ferrara, T, Jones, D., Marion, A., Rose, K., Yaeger, L., "Koko's Mac //: A Preliminary Report" The Art of Human -Computer Interface Design Brenda Laurel, editor. pp. 95-102. Addison Wesley, Reading MA 1990.
      Marion, Ann R., Kurt Fleisher, Mark Vickers, "Towards Expressive Animation for Interactive Characters", Graphics Interface 1984, Ottawa, 1984 .
    * Fisher, Scott; Marion, Ann "Real time computer graphics from body motion" 391-14
    * Marion, Ann Images of Human Motion: Changing Representations of Human Identity, paper & videotape, submitted in partial fulfilment of MSVS, MIT, 1982


    UnPublished White papers:



    Marion, Ann R., Playground Paper Apple Computer Advanced Technology Group Technical Paper, http://www.bicnet.net/~annmarion/pg0.html Cupertino, CA 1993.

    copyrighted, and available for distribution on request.

    * Marion, Ann, with Paul Kahn, Dynamic Diagrams. Information Architecture Report for Student Advantage First Research.com (proprietary)
    * Marion, Ann, Co-Author of Strategic Planning Team on Distance Learning, Houghton Mifflin College Division (proprietary)

    Additional Publications/Television:

    * Kay, Alan C. "Computers, Networks and Education". Scientific American special issue Communications, Computers and Networks Vol. 265 Number 3 September 1991. pp. 138-143. (features my projects in Vivarium Program).
    * Soloway, Elliot. Communications of the ACM (complete reference to follow) special issue on novice programming environments describes Playground (worked with Soloway on examples of Playground programming language for survey article).
    * "School's Out", Equinox. Channel Four, UK 1990. Inca Productions. (television program interview in feature on Vivarium & other advance research in education utilizing computer technology.)/td>
    * Levy, Stephen."Polyworld", Artificial Life: The Quest for a New Creation. Pantheon Books, New York, 1992. Cover Photo, pp. 3-4, 6, 7, 168. (features my project with L.Yaeger on the Cover and in the text).
    * Brand, Stewart "Vivarium", The Media Lab pp. 95-107, 116-117. (I am quoted, and describes program sponsored at MIT).

    Selected Products/WebSites:

    * Engineering005: HealthCare in the 21st Century; and Institute for Security Studies: Emerging Threats Assessment: Dartmouth College Thayer School of Engineering. Hanover, NH. July, 2000 - current. Web Master for 2 Sites hosted by Dartmouth exploring Distance Learning and Collaboration
    * Student Advantage Academic Research Boston, MA. January 2000. contracted by Dynamic Diagrams, Providence, R.I. . Customized Academic Search and Study Support.
    * ExchangeSpace Ver.1.0. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, MA. April 1998. http://www.sixthfloor.com Leased web document exchange service. [NT Server with standard web browser access]
    * CommonSpace Ver. 3.0/Modern Language. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, MA.June 1998. Quicktime Demo http://www.sixthfloor.com ...Rebuilt core writing product [C++ Mac/Windows; TCP/IP chat], upgraded 3rd party building blocks, International Proofreader
    * CommonSpace 2.0. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, MA. August 1997
    * CommonSpace Ver.1.4; McDougal-Littel Writing Coach. Houghton Mifflin, Boston,MA.1996
    * Pleasant Company for American Girls Web Site. Madison, WI.Launched May 1996. http://www.americangirl.com/

    Turner Broadcasting Web Site: Shoah Foundation "Survivors". Atlanta, GA, Launched Jan 1996. http://tbssuperstation.com/survivors

    * Harvard Alumni Association Web Site. Cambridge, MA. Launched 1995. http://www.haa.harvard.edu/
    * Passage to Vietnam CD-ROM, Against All Odds Productions, San Francisco, CA, 1994. http://www.againstallodds.com/ Hired by funder: Interval Corporation: to train publisher and developer in digital production techniques. Conceived Look & Feel of graphics, Directed Video.
    * Marvin Minsky's Society of Minds: The CD-ROM, Voyager. New York, NY. January 1994. Awards/ Featured at: Interactive Media Festival, Japan's MacLife, American Booksellers Convention. Spearheaded new product line for talking heads and hyperbook. Innovated borderless integration of author and background. Trained publisher's staff in new production techniques. Designed & Directed. Quicktime Demo

    Selected Product Prototypes/ Research Projects

    * Student Multimedia Browser(Whiteboard Component), NSF/ARPA Deliverable: Java Code under EOE license, Houghton Mifflin, Boston MA. June 1998.
    * Rich Syllabus Browser/Student Annotation.MIT CECi &Houghton Mifflin, Boston MA.1998.
    * Viacom New Product Demonstrations. Director/ Lingo. NY, NY. 1995.
    * "Allegra's Window" Intercast. Intel WWW format. Conference.Viacom.NY,NY1995 Michelangelo - Director/ Lingo, 4D Database. Concept, Direction, Image Processing, graphic design, database. unpublished. Voyager, 1994.
    * "So Sue Me" CD-ROM, Arthur Yorinks & Maurice Sendak, Voyager, unpublished 1995 branching vaudeville gags: live action and animation presented to Harper Collins.
    * Splat! Children's Magazine -- 2 issues of a CD-ROM magazine, unpublished. presented at American Book Sellers Association. Voyager, 1994.
    * Playground Programming Language, Apple Computer. Cupertino, CA. 1988-92. "Interactive Kelp Forest" CT5 Flight Simulator. Evans & Sutherland, Salt Lake City UT. 1986. Quicktime Demo
    * Polyworlds SGI. Larry Yaeger, Apple Computer Cupertino, CA. 1988-92
    * "Video Enhanced Graphics" exemplery desktops LaserDisc. HPLabs, Palo Alto,CA 1985.
    * AMO: Artificially Motivated Objects, Atari 800, Wayne Harvey, Atari Research Labs, Sunnyvale, CA. 1984.


    * CAETI Quarterly Meeting DARPA/NSF sponsored research programs. Presentation of Houghton Mifflin projects. George Mason University, Fairfax, VA. June 1997.
    * E/W Consortium Quarterly Meeting DARPA/NSF sponsored research programs, . Presentation of Houghton Mifflin projects. Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA. Feb.1997
    * League for Innovation in Community Colleges. CommonSpace presentation. 1997
    * CAUSE. San Francisco, CA. CommonSpace & Distance Learning survey. fall 1997
    * CCCC (4 C's). Phoenix, AR. CommonSpace presentation. 1997
    * Roundtable in Multimedia, Commerce on the Electronic Frontier, Models for the Next Millennium, Martin Greenberger editor, Marina del Rey, California. May 21, 1996.
    * MIT Media Lab: Interactive Cinema. Presentations. Cambridge, MA. 1994-1997.
    * AIGA: Presentation of Dancing Pictures and Corey &Co: Designers, Boston, 1995
    * Roundtable in Multimedia, Technologies for the 21st Century, Content and Communication, Martin Greenberger editor, Marina del Rey, California. April 1994
    * "Society of Minds" Marvin Minsky Symposium, Second Misawa Lecture, The Media Laboratory, MIT October 3, 1993. (attendees received Society of Mind cd-rom)
    * MIT Media Lab: Epistomology & Learning. Presentation. Cambridge, MA. 1993.
    * BFVF: Boston Film/Video Foundation workshop, Boston, 1993
    * WIFV: Women in Film and Video, Boston, 1996, 1992
    * Apple Computer Learning Labs: yearly talks and presentations at Apple Hill, NH; Oxnard, CA; Catalina Island CA, 1984-1992
    * Oxford University, Oxford UK. Presentation to Prof. Richard Dawkins' seminar on BehaviorMorphs implemented in Playground and PolyWorlds. 1989
    * Imagina. Presentation of Vivarium Program. Monaco. 1986
    * SIGGRAPH: Panel on educational computer environments.1986.
    * SIGGRAPH: Presentation: Overview of Educational Software. 1983.
    * Graphics Interface 1984 (Norman Badler chairman), Technical Paper.Ottawa Canada, 1984.
    * Seminar on Parameterized animation. chair and presenter. Cambridge, MA. 1982.


    Selected Exhibitions:

    * Interactive Media Festival, Los Angeles, June 1994
    * Society of Mind CD-ROM, Ann Marion, Moe Shore, Voyager & StonySoft
    * Japan MacLife 1994. Japan. Society of Mind CD-ROM
    * Siggraph Art Show. San Francisco, 1985. AMO: Artificially Motivated Objects. Ann Marion, Wayne Harvey, (Atari Research).


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