Crazy Cube 3x3x3

Crazy Cube Mars, purchased from Mefferts, 2010
(plastic, 2.2 square, white opposite yellow, blue opposite green, orange opposite red;
Crazy Cube 2x3x3 is a smaller puzzle with this theme)

There are two types of faces:
Spin Around: The circle in the center stays fixed and the remainder of the face rotates.
Spin Together: The entire face moves, as in a standard Rubik's Cube.
The Mars member of a series of eight (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) that differ in the configuration of the faces; it has the following face configuration:
white = around, yellow = together
blue = together, green = around
orange = together, red = around
Here is a sequence of three clockwise moves of the left, right, and top faces: