Infants' Hospital Puzzle

a.k.a. Infants' Hospital - The Magic Line
Chad Valley Co. Ltd., Harborne, England, 1920;
made for the Infants Hospital in Vincent Square, London, founded by R. Mond.

(cardboard box and 16 cardboard pieces, 7" x 6.25" x 1/2";
instructions on the underside of the box top;
based on a 6x6 grid with four 1x3 pieces, and 12 1x2 pieces;
see also Infants' Hospital Puzzle, Dad's Puzzler - Exchange Version / Infants Hospital, A Ward In The Infants' Hospital, Infants' Hospital Jigsaw Puzzle)

The goal is to make the line go continuously from the start position at the bottom and end at the special "HEALTH" piece. Don't view at the solution before you try it; it's harder than it looks.