Work Or Golf

a.k.a. Motor Garage Puzzle, Parka Car, Sputnik Puzzle, E Peg Puzzle
Designed by H. E. Dudeney 1910, made by Binary Arts circa 2000.
(metal with plastic case, 2.5 inches)

Slide the pieces to exchange "WORK" and "GOLF":

Presented in Dudney's 1917 book Amusements in Mathematics as the Motor Garage Puzzle, which also presents the smaller Motor Car Puzzle. Hordern's book credits Dudney's 1910 submission to the Strand Magazine. Here is the 43 moves (85 straight-line moves) solution from page 27 of the 1942 Filipiak book (steps 6 and 7 have been corrected and letters are used instead of numbers to the left of arrows):

Further Reading
DeVos Patent, from: - patent no. 4,097,049

Work Or Golf - 43 Rectilinear, 83 Straight Line, 154 Unit Moves

Work Or Golf - 43 Rectilinear, 85 Straight Line, 150 Unit Moves