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Brandeis University Computer Science technical reports

List of Brandeis University Computer Science technical reports from 1981 to the present. Includes links to on-line papers when available.

To the best of my knowledge, CS-81-100 is department's first tech report.

If you are the author of a Brandeis CS Tech Report and would like to add to or correct this list, send me mail. If you have the paper on-line and would like me to add a link to it, send me the name and location of the file.

Please note that I am not the person to ask for printed copies. Check the main CS Dept page for the department secretaries. They handle tech reports. As of 9 Jan 97, the department contact info is given in the contact page.

The List

CS-81-100	S. Kolodner	Automatic Type Deduction in a Program Editor

CS-82-101 J. A. Storer Data Compression Arrays to Reduce VLSI Communication Traffic CS-82-l02 J. A. Storer Toward an Abstract Theory of Data Compression CS-82-103 M. Gonzalez Parallel Data Compression Algorithms for VLSI Using the Internal Macro Model CS-82-104 M. Rudell MYTE: An extensible Program Structure Editor CS-82-105 K. Ravitz A Study in Global Data Flow for Program Optimization CS-82-106 J. A. Storer The Macros for UNIX troff Typesetting CS-82-107 J. A. Storer Combining Pipes and Trees in VLSI CS-82-108 J. A. Storer On the Complexity of Chess CS-82-109 M. Gonzalez Parallel Algorithms for Data Compession J. A. Storer
CS-83-110 B. Towbin Program Animation CS-83-111 J. Zagorsky The Design of Script: A Computer Animation System CS-83-112 A. Ferdman The Design of Programming Languages and Systems Which Support Computer Animation CS-83-113 H. Dewan Data Compression by Textual Substitution Some J. A. Storer Implementation Schemes and Results
CS-84-114 M. Cohn Word Spacing on a Digital Printer via Smooth A. J. Lincoln Smooth Sequences CS-84-115 M. Cohn Counting Sequences with Large Local Distance CS-84-116 J. A. Storer Uniform Circuit Placement A. J. Nicas J. Becker CS-84-117 D. Ryan Data Compression Experiments J. A. Storer Using Sliding Dictionaries CS-84-118 S. Tsang Data Compression Experiments J. A. Storer Using Static and Dynamic Dictionaries CS-84-119 R. J. Noel PASPDL User Manual and Design Notes Z. L. Lichtman CS-84-120 J. A. Storer Lossless Text Compression
CS-85-121 J. Reif Shortest Paths in Euclidean Space J. A. Storer with Polyhedral Obstacles CS-85-122 H. W. Chun AINET-1 Users' Guide CS-85-123 J. A. Storer Automatic Worst-Case Analysis of Programs CS-85-124 J. Reif Minimizing Turns for Discrete Movement J. A. Storer in the Interior of a Polygon CS-85-125 J. A. Storer On-Line Data Compression
CS-86-126 H. W. Chun AINET-2 USERS' MANUAL CS-86-127 M. Cohn Performance of LZ Compressors with Deferred Innovation
CS-87-128 L. Bookman A Microfeature Based Scheme For Modelling Semantics CS-87-129 H. Chun Network Regions: Alternatives To L. Bookman Winner-take-all Structure CS-87-130 L. Bookman A Model of Higher-Order Concept Interaction H. Chun Using Network Regions CS-87-131 T. Hickey Global Compilation of Prolog S. Mudambi
CS-88-132 M. Cohn Performance of Lempel-Ziv Compressors with Deferred Innovation CS-88-133 R. Alterman The Causal Chain: A Case Study of L. Bookman Event Concept Coherence. CS-88-134 R. Sun The Modeling of Lobster Stomatogastric E. Marder Ganglian Neural Network D. Waltz
CS-89-135 AI group Memory-Based Reasoning and Adaptive Planning: Annual Report on Case-Based Reasoning Research at Brandeis CS-89-136 R. Sun Rules and Connectionism CS-89-137 R. Alterman Some Computational Experiments in L. Bookman Summarization CS-89-138 L. Bookman Schema Recognition for Text R. Alterman Understanding: Analog Semantic Feature Approach CS-89-139 G. Mou Divacon: A Functional Parallel Programming Language and its CM Implementation CS-89-140 G. Mou Divide-and-Conquer Algorithms for Full and Banded Linear Triangular Systems and their CM Implementation CS-90-141 [sic] R. Alterman Reasoning About the Semantic Encoding L. Bookman of the Connectivity of Events CS-89-142 M. Cohn Bounds for Lossy Text Compression CS-89-143 M. Cohn Read-Write Isolated Memory CS-89-144 R. Sun Reasoning at Conceptual and Subconceptual Levels: A Connectionist Model
CS-90-145 R. Sun Learning in the DN/PDN Models: A Formal Analysis CS-90-146 M. Cohn A Short Survey of Lossless Data Compression CS-90-147 L. Bookman An Analog Semantic Feature Encoding of R. Alterman Memory and Context CS-90-148 D. Smith Partial Evaluation of CLP(FT) T. Hickey CS-90-149 R. Zito-Wolf VLSI Architectures for High Speed Sliding-Dictionary Data Compression CS-90-150 AI Group Annual Report on Case-based Reasoning Research CS-90-151 S. Mudambi Performance of Aurora on NUMA machines CS-90-152 X. Zhang Exploration on Protein Structures: Representation and Prediction (A Dissertation) CS-90-153 R. Sun A Neurally Inspired Massively Parallel Model of Rule-Based Reasoning CS-90-154 R. Sun Integrating Rules and Connectionism for Robust Reasoning CS-90-155 R. Sun Reasoning, Causality and Connectionist Models CS-90-156 T. Hickey Projective Logic Programming
CS-91-157 R. Alterman Readings from the FLOABN Project, Vol 1 R. Zito-Wolf T. Carpenter M. Goodman S. Waterman CS-91-158 M. Wentworth HomeRemedy| A Case-Based Parenting Skills Tutor CS-91-159 Z. George Mou Divide-and-Conquer on a 3- Cornel Constantinescu dimentional Mesh Timothy J. Hickey CS-91-160 Ron Sun Integrating Rules and Connectionism for Robust Reasoning (A Dissertation) CS-91-161 R. Alterman Interaction, Comprehension, and Instruction R. Zito-Wolf Usage T. Carpenter CS-91-162 A. Huang Recurrences as a Programming Languages G. Mou CS-91-163 G. Mou Optimal Mapping of Divide-and-Conquer C. Constantinescu Algorithms on Mesh Connected Architectures M. Goodman C. Kuzhukin T. Hickey CS-91-164 D. Smith A Constraint Domain of Regular and Co-Regular Tree Sets CS-91-165 G. Mou
CS-92-166 L. Bookman A Two-Tier Model of Semantic Memory for Text Comprehension CS-92-167 D. Smith Simpler Quantifier Elimination for Equality Formulas
CS-93-168 R. Alterman The Relation of Agent and Environment R. ZitoWolf in the Development of Routine Behavior with Habitants CS-93-169 R. ZitoWolf Case-Based Representations for Procedural Knowledge CS-93-170 R. ZitoWolf McFLOABN User CS-93-171 J. Pustejovsky Linguistic Constraints on Type Coercion CS-93-172 P. Bouillon A Semi-Polymorphic Approach to the E. Viegas Interpretation of Adjectival Constructions: A Cross-linguistic Perspective CS-93-173 J. Pustejovsky Semantic Typing and Degrees of Polymorphism CS-93-174 P. Buitelaar Compositionality and Coercion in A. Mineur Categorial Grammar CS-93-175 S. Waterman Structural Methods for Lexical/ Semantic Patterns
CS-94-176 A. Shvartsman Distributed Object Management and C. Strutt Generic Applications
CS-95-177(ps) David K. Wittenberg Reducing the Randomness Requirements for Quantum Money CS-95-178 Julia L. Lawall Continuation-Based Partial Evaluation Olivier Danvy CS-95-179 Olivier Danvy Back to Direct Style II: First-Class Julia L. Lawall Continuation CS-95-180 R. Alterman Pragmatic Action R. Zito-Wolf T. Carpenter CS-95-181(ps) A. Blair Precise Analysis of Dynamical J. Pollack Recognizers CS-95-182 R. Alterman A Use-Adapted System D. Griffin CS-95-183 R. Zito-Wolf Case Representation for Procedural R. Alterman Knowledge CS-95-184 Maja Mataric Challenges In Evolving Controllers Dave Cliff for Physical Robots
CS-96-185 Maja J Mataric Analyzing Visual Behaviors in Hand Gesture Imitation Feb 1996 CS-96-186 Dani Goldberg Interference as a Guide for Maja J Mataric Designing Efficient Group Behaviors May 1996 CS-96-187 Miguel Fontan The Role of Critical Mass in Maja J Mataric Multi-Robot Adaptive Task Division CS-96-190 Maja J Mataric Using Communication to Reduce Locality in Distributed Multi-Agent Learning CS-97-191 Pablo Funes Computer Evolution Jordan Pollack of Buildable Objects CS-97-197 Pablo Funes The internet as a virtual Elizabeth Sklar ecology: Coevolutionary Hugues Juille arms races between human Jordan Pollack and artificial populations

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