CS2a: Introduction to Computers, Autumn 2001

All of the grades, including the quiz, hw, and exam grades
have now been posted at
The online grades now has a feature to email you your password if you make a mistake.
The distribution of grades on the final (where we drop the decimal part of the score) is
scorenumber with that score
30 9
29 16
28 31
27 14
26 18
25 9
24 14
23 10
22 7
21 8
20 7
19 2
18 7
17 3
16 1
15 0
14 0
13 1
12 1

I plan to have all the homeworks graded and the homework grades (and total course grades) posted by Saturday night (possibly *very* late!)
I've started collecting snippets of code in answer to student questions about servlets and applets. You can view the most recent version of the code
You may want to look at these notes about graphical programming for HW5.

Also, I've put up an example of a survey servlet that analyzes the results. You might want to run it or view it . Feel free to modify any of my programs for your HW4 (but give credit to whoever wrote the programs you looked at or modified).

There is a new version of the TaTool available here.
But you must first install Java Web Start, if you have not already done so.

Please check the TA Office Hours to see who is on duty. They will also be running the TATool, so you can contact them online as well.

If you have problems please send me email at



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Quizzes and Practice Quizzes

  1. Quiz 1
  2. Quiz 2
  3. Quiz 3
  4. Quiz 4
  5. Quiz 5
  6. Quiz 6
  7. Quiz 7
  8. Quiz 8 Not yet graded
  9. Quiz 9 Not yet graded
  10. Quiz 10
  11. Quiz 11

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