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The cutoff maneuver

A common move among humans is the ``cutoff'': If you and your opponent are running parallel to each other, but you are ahead, cut him off and try to beat his reaction. One wouldn't expect to see an agent perform the cutoff -- they don't know where you are! Figure 3.32 however, depicts R. 5210008 performing what looks like a typical cutoff.

Figure 3.32: Cutoff. R. 5210008 is seen here performing the ``cutoff'' maneuver. Human and agent find themselves running parallel (left), but the agent is ahead, so it makes a sharp right turn, cutting off the human (black=agent, gray=human).

\resizebox*{0.49\columnwidth}{!}{\includegraphics{behavior/cutoff1.eps}} \resizebox*{0.49\columnwidth}{!}{\includegraphics{behavior/cutoff2.eps}}

Pablo Funes