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Topological games

During the game depicted on fig. 3.33, agent 5210008 created a box with a small opening. This box spans across the screen boundary, so it is not easy to perceive for a human player. When the opponent finds himself in the box, it may be difficult to go back and find the narrow exit.

Figure 3.33: Trapped. R. 5210008 created a box at the edge of the screen, with a small opening, and its opponent fell inside it. After visiting the trap once, H. 8323 goes up (left), ultimately landing in the trap again. Eventually the human is boxed in and commits suicide (right).

\resizebox*{0.49\columnwidth}{!}{\includegraphics{behavior/trap1b.eps}} \resizebox*{0.49\columnwidth}{!}{\includegraphics{behavior/trap2b.eps}}

Pablo Funes