Computer Science Department at Brandeis Unversity Tim Hickey

Timothy J. Hickey
Professor of Computer Science
Instructor in the Transitional Year Program
Brandeis University
Waltham, MA 02454
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Office Hours:
Mon 11:10-12, Wed 4-5, Thu 2:30-3:30

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3D Game Design in Blender a 3d game design pipeline into Computer Science
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PhD Students

  1. Shyam Rajagopal Mudambi (1991) - "Scheduling Or-Parallelism on Non-Uniform Memory Access Machines"
  2. Don Alan Smith (1993) - "MultiLog: Data Or-Parallel Logic Programming"
  3. Qun Ju (1998) - "A Sound Interval Constraint Logic Programming System"
  4. David Karger Wittenburg (2004) "CLP(F) Modeling of Hybrid Systems"
  5. John T. Langton (2008) - "Simulation, Visualization and Data Mining: A methodology for interactive scientific discovery."
  6. Josh E. Introne (2008) -- "Adaptive Mediation in Groupware"
  7. William T. Tarimo (2016) - "Computer-Supported Agile Teaching"
  8. Fatima A. Abu Deeb (2018) - "Problem Solving Markov Models and Recursive Pedagogy"
  9. Kristian Kime (2021) - "Insightful Learning Systems: Supporting STEM Education with Accessible Cyberlearning"
  10. Xiaodong Qu (2022) - "Time Continuity Voting for Electroencephelography (EEG) Classification"
Current PhD Students

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